Family carrying gifts and packages in winter

Boost your business through dropoffs and returns

Boost your business through dropoffs and returns

’Tis almost the season of serious gift giving (and shipping) … which is quickly followed by the season of returns! Make your FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® (FASC) a hub for easy package and return dropoffs — it’s no cost and little effort for you. A few reminders:

  • Be sure to maintain a list of tracking numbers to provide in the event of a dropoff payout dispute.
  • Keep packages in a secure place not easily accessible to customers. 
  • Don’t charge customers for prelabeled dropoff packages, per FASC Program Requirements.
  • Want more information on how to handle dropoffs? Go to the Scanning Procedures section of

Package and return dropoffs generate residual income, and the benefits can go far beyond that. Here are three ways to use dropoffs and returns to your store’s advantage.

1. Make a great first impression

More people may be discovering you for the first time during the season of increased gift shipping and returns, so put your best foot forward. Now is a great time to take a look around your space and do any cleaning, reorganizing or decluttering you’ve been meaning to do. And make sure your team knows to be extra helpful to new faces!

And since this is a year like no other, one way to make a good impression is to show you’re being safety-conscious about COVID-19.

  • Mark your doors clearly but politely with your social distancing and mask guidelines or requirements so customers know what to expect when they come in.
  • Place floor decals or directional signage to help customers stay a safe distance apart.
  • Have hand sanitizer dispensers on every counter, and consider offering face masks at a reasonable price in case customers forget theirs.
  • If needed, coach your staff on wearing masks — and wearing them correctly!

These extra steps are a simple way to show your new customers you care about their health — and make them want to shop with you again. Want to see how FedEx is responding to COVID-19 and to access resources and information? Go to the coronavirus section of

2. Raise awareness

Dropoffs and returns are a great way to bring foot traffic into your location. When a new customer brings a package to your location, you’ve already taken the first step in raising awareness — they now know about your business and where you are. You can also:

  • Have brochures on hand that list your store’s services so customers can learn about them even if you’re too busy to chat.
  • Make sure your offerings are clearly displayed on signage, in case customers have other needs your store can fulfill during their visit.

3. Keep them coming back

Naturally, you want your new dropoff and return shippers to become return customers! Here’s how to encourage repeat business:

  • It’s a helpful touch to give your customers a tracking number for their dropoff packages. When you hand them their tracking information, include a flyer with sales and special offers.
  • Collect contact information to send email or direct mail offers to them so they have even more reasons to visit you again.

Using these tips could help turn holiday dropoffs and returns into year-round business!