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The future of freight is here.

The future of freight is here.

Introducing powerfully simple ways to accelerate your workday.

The next big thing in freight isn't that big at all. It's actually a few simple yet powerful enhancements that work together to create an easier, more streamlined digital experience from pickup to delivery. This gives you an edge over your competition, because we have an edge over ours.


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FedEx Freight is the first and only nationwide LTL carrier to offer:

Pallet-level tracking and visibility for your multiple-pallet shipments. 

Domestic shipping without a paper Bill of Lading.*

*Except for shipments containing hazardous materials.  

shipping label

New shipping label

It’s just like the ones you use to ship parcels — all while increasing visibility and reducing data entry errors.

Palletized freight to ship

Individual 12-digit pallet tracking

Keep a closer eye on your shipments by creating multi-pallet shipments online and tracking them down to the individual pallet.

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New notifications

These include when a pickup is scheduled, driver is assigned, driver is en route, driver has arrived, and pickup is complete.

Big filters. Bigger efficiencies.

See how one of the country’s biggest filter distributors is using the online enhancements to gain some big new efficiencies in their process. 


Learn more about the next generation of freight shipping.

Check out these guides to learn more about the new shipping label and other enhancements that are changing the future of freight.

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Guide for FedEx Ship Manager® at

Here’s what's new with your shipping platform, changes to the create shipment form, and how to use the new shipping label.

Shipping Label on Desk

Guide for FedEx Ship Manager® Software

Take a look at what’s new with your shipping software, changes to the create shipment form, and how to use the new shipping label.