FedEx Freight® box

FedEx Freight® box

Make LTL freight shipping simple.

Make LTL freight shipping simple.

Ship freight with flat rates, more security, and no classifications*

The FedEx Freight® Box – Simple, flat-rate freight shipping

See the FedEx Freight box in action

It’s an easy way to save time. Pick the size that fits your needs. Consolidate multiple items in one box with no need to classify.

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Learn to assemble in minutes

See how to assemble both standard and small FedEx Freight boxes fast with this video, or download the instructions.

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*Flat rates based on zone pricing. Find rates and zone information at Rates are subject to the General Rate Increase (GRI), and all accessorial charges in the FedEx Freight 100 Rules Tariff will apply. Exception: Item 404 (absolute minimum charge) will not apply as the FedEx Freight box is not discountable. Pricing is subject to the standard FedEx Freight 100 fuel surcharge. Use of the FedEx Freight box will supersede any negotiated pricing. Maximum liability is $7.50 per lb. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico are not covered by FedEx Freight box rates. Hazardous materials are prohibited. Maximum weight allowed for each freight box is 1,200 lbs.