Shipping frozen items

-10° to -25° Celsius | 14° to -13° Fahrenheit


frozen breast milk


We’re here to make shipping frozen items easier - from healthcare essentials to frozen foods. We know that frozen products require strict temperature control to remain viable, and each of our solutions provide the reliable shipping you need.


Packaging & containers

When you need to keep your products frozen, sticking dry ice in a cardboard box won’t get the job done. These specialized containers offer reliable options for those who want to learn how to ship a variety of frozen products.


va-Q-tainer USx

These freight containers come in multiple sizes to help you send large shipments of clinical and pharmaceutical goods. The reusable containers can help you reduce costs while maintaining a safe frozen environment for your products.


Envirotainer RKN t2

The Envirotainer RKN t2 is a dry ice cooled, pallet-size container that provides a cost-effective temperature-controlled option for large shipments. It can transport both frozen and chilled products, providing the frozen temperatures your products need during transit.

Quality management/value-added services

Take advantage of the following services for increased visibility and protection of frozen shipments.


FedEx Custom Critical®

Whether your priorities are visibility, security or compliance, our freight shipping experts can customize a frozen solution to meet your needs.This service is best used for healthcare shipments.

FedEx Priority Alert®

FedEx Priority Alert can monitor your frozen shipments 24/7 and expedite them to help your contents arrive on time and in prime condition.

FedEx Cold Chain Centers

During delays due to clearance or inclement weather, FedEx may route your cold shipments to a FedEx cold chain center. Contact your FedEx account representative to learn more. 

Dry ice shipping

You can ship frozen healthcare shipments with dry ice using FedEx. The shipments need to comply with our dry ice guidelines. 

SenseAware®, a FedEx innovation

Monitor your frozen shipments inside and out in real-time with SenseAware, or use it to validate your cold shipping technologies.