A billing solution designed to help you do business better.

Give yourself the insight and control you need, when you need it, with FedEx® Billing Online.

This powerful online billing solution provides total transparency and control, meaning you not only know what went where and how much it cost, but also have the ability to customize invoicing data to meet your company’s requirements. It doesn’t matter if you handle 1,000 shipments a day or 10; FedEx Billing Online is an asset for every business.

FedEx Billing Online: Fast, Easy Invoicing

See some of our online billing solution's key functionality and see how this solution can help you work more efficiently and provide you with maximum visibility.

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Flexibility? Check.

We realize invoice-processing can vary dramatically between businesses. That’s why we’ve designed FedEx Billing Online with features and functionality that allow it to adapt to your business, not the other way around.

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Efficiency? Double check.

With the ability to instantly view, pay, dispute and manage invoices all from one location, FedEx Billing Online will take your company’s invoice processing to the next level. You can even download invoices in multiple file formats to view and analyze your data with the FedEx Flat File Reporting Tool or your preferred application.

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Print it only when you need it.

Does your business still rely on paper invoices? No problem. With FedEx Billing Online you can print the invoices you need. No hassle. No clutter.

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Pay the way you like.

Built to accommodate multiple payment options, FedEx Billing Online gives your business the ability to pay by electronic funds transfer, paper check, debit or credit card.

The power of digital security.

FedEx Billing Online is a password-protected secure site. Download your digital invoices and store them on an external hard drive, a CD or DVD, your company’s cloud server — wherever. When invoices are digital, creating a backup is fast and simple and does not require extra physical space.

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