New Features of FedEx Ship Manager™

The New FedEx Ship Manager™ Software takes expedience to a whole new level — with major service additions, continued timesaving advancements and difference-making details, you will feel more efficient, and empowered when shipping with FedEx.

  • The NEW FedEx Freight® shipping function allows you to use FedEx Ship Manager™ to create FedEx Freight Bills of Lading and shipping labels for intra-Canada and international LTL shipments. And to simplify the total shipping experience even more, you can prepare and manage FedEx Freight shipments with the same solutions used for FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipments.

  • The NEW FedEx® Global Returns function provides international and domestic return services with the ability to create shipping labels and customs documentation for both outbound and return shipments.

    The service also addresses international documentation facilitation, increases the ease of use, provides a range of transit, pickup, delivery and ancillary service options, gives visibility to movement and costs and ensures customer information security.

  • The NEW FedEx Priority Alert service option provides proactive management of shipments with priority boarding and clearance – a real benefit for customers whose shipments are time-critical, environmentally sensitive or high value. There are two tiers of service – FedEx Priority Alert and FedEx Priority Alert Plus. You will have peace of mind with the capability of proactively monitoring your shipments, and applying dry ice, gel pak, or cold storage to your package whenever they are needed. This service option is available globally to more than 70 countries.

  • FedEx Ship Manager™ Software now allows you to download FedEx Express list rates, FedEx Ground list rates and FedEx Transborder Distribution® list rates. You can display/return these rates via the courtesy rate quote, doc-tabs, validator labels and reporting functions. And you can add fields to customize reports and doc-tabs. You can also download and apply list rates for FedEx Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) amounts for FedEx Ground shipments.

  • You can now delete a child meter without uninstalling and reinstalling the software. To delete a child meter, contact your FedEx customer technology consultant or call the FedEx Ship Manager Technical Support Center.

  • The New INCOTERMS Update includes two new terms of sale: DAT (Delivered at Terminal) and DAP (Delivered at Place) in the Terms of sale drop-down menu and prints these values on applicable shipping documentation (e.g., Universal Commercial Invoice).

  • The new version also enables you to import and export records in the Dimensions database using a template.

  • If you are taking advantage of the Electronic Trading Document feature, we have reduced the number of printed shipping labels by one label when you use the feature to create shipping labels.

  • The new version also allows you to set a return address at the cross-reference number level for FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®, FedEx International Economy DirectDistributionSM Service and FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® Freight shipments.