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FedEx Ship Manager Server™

FedEx Ship Manager Server™








If you are a high volume shipper, you can benefit from accelerated shipping transactions, customizable functions, and superior reliability by using FedEx Ship Manager Server, part of the FedEx Ship Manager suite of shipping solutions. This complete hardware and software system provides a dedicated connection to FedEx, plus it can be easily integrated across multiple locations and into your company's order centers, shipping docks and/or other business systems.

Benefits and Features


  • High Speed Processing
    FedEx Ship Manager Server can process an average of eight transactions per second so you can easily handle large orders.
  • Connectivity
    A dedicated connection between your location and FedEx operations through FedEx Ship Manager Server means you enhance security and bypass the Internet and its real-world traffic jams.
  • Data management
    Streamline the management of supply chain and other relevant data.


  • Global Shipping
    FedEx Ship Manager Server supports intra-Canada and international Express shipping to over 220 countries and supports FedEx Ground shipping to locations in Canada and the United States.
  • Shipping Labels
    With FedEx Ship Manager Server you can prepare outbound and return labels for both your domestic and international shipments.
  • Quick Cancellation
    FedEx Ship Manager Server makes it easy to cancel scheduled shipments.


  • Integration
    FedEx Ship Manager Server can be integrated into your existing business solutions such as order management systems, warehouse management systems and data centres.
  • Customized Shipping Information
    FedEx Ship Manager Server informs you of available shipping services by location.
  • Scalable Technology
    FedEx Ship Manager Server includes function-specific software modules and features that can be activated to adapt and expand according to your business and shipping needs.
  • Supported Protocols
    FedEx Ship Manager Server includes TCP/IP or Win Socket, over either Ethernet Twisted Pair or Token Ring networks. This enables you to use any programming language that supports TCP/IP to create a customized graphical user interface to facilitate shipping processes.
  • Global Rates
    With FedEx Ship Manager Server, you can download your rates for a package prior to shipping, allowing you to accurately estimate your customer's shipping costs.


  • Activity Reports
    With FedEx Ship Manager Server you can generate daily shipping activity reports, including: End of Day Transaction Reports, Courier Reports, Customer Invoice Reports, and Shipment Reports.
  • ShipAlert® E-mail Notifications
    With FedEx Ship Manager Server, you can receive POD e-mail notification of deliveries as well as provide ShipAlert notifications, thereby increasing the visibility of your shipments.
  • Package Status Tracking
    With FedEx Ship Manager Server you can generate package tracking numbers, which can be provided to your customers for convenient tracking.

Getting Started

Please visit the FedEx Developer Resource Center at fedex.ca/developer.

Technical Requirements

Since FedEx Ship Manager Server offers the ability to communicate with FedEx directly through a network connection, the following items are required for network connectivity:

  • The server running the software application must be configured to TCP/IP protocol.
  • Win Socket must be loaded on the server.
  • The server must have a network connection.
  • A dedicated IP address is required.

If you want to integrate FedEx Ship Manager Server with your enterprise resource planning, warehouse management, scanning, or third-party systems, etc., you will need dedicated IT resources to program shipping transactions and to network these systems.

Get Help

If you need technical support for the FedEx Ship Manager Server product, please call 1.877.339.2774.