Checklist for Shipping Air Freight with FedEx

To avoid delays when shipping air freight within Canada or internationally, we recommend that you review this list before tendering your freight shipment to FedEx.

Booking your freight shipment

  • Call FedEx in advance to book and confirm movement of your freight shipment throughout our global network. All freight shipments must be booked and confirmed before you ship.
  • When using your own customs broker, please provide FedEx with their name, address, and phone number at the time of booking.
  • Please advise if your shipment contains perishables or dangerous goods.

Complete air waybills and customs documentation

Prepare your freight for shipping

  • Confirm your shipment does not exceed our maximum size restrictions by reviewing the product specifications in this section on, or consult the FedEx Express Service Guide.
  • Place all shipments (single or multi-piece) over 150 lbs. on a base that permits movement with a forklift or pallet jack - they should be stackable and either banded and/or stretch/shrink-wrapped, except for pieces moving as "Extra Large Package" shipments. Check to make sure you have distributed the weight evenly on the pallet.
  • To comply with TSA regulations and avoid shipment delays, single pieces of freight that weight more than 150 lbs (68 kgs) must be:
    1. Secured in a locked, hard-sided container that can only be opened from the outside (locks must be exterior-mounted); a container that is screwed, nailed, or glued without exterior clamps or locking devices is not acceptable;
    2. Banded to a pallet or skid on all sides with heavy-duty metal or break-resistant plastic bands.
    If pieces do not comply with the above, shipment delays may result as the freight must be submitted to a screening process.
  • A loading dock at the pickup location is required when FedEx is picking up your freight. If a dock is not available, you must be able to move your freight onto our vehicle.

After you ship

  • Track and trace your shipment(s) 24 hours a day at Or, call us:
    • FedEx® International Express Freight - 1.866.744.7493
    • FedEx International PremiumTM - 1.866.744.7493
    • All other FedEx freight services - 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339
  • Be sure to record your tracking number(s) prior to shipping.