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FedEx® Global Returns provides you with the control and flexibility you need to manage your customers’ returns within Canada and internationally. You’ll get complete and continuous visibility of your shipments, so you know what is being returned, where it will be delivered and when it will arrive, or simply if it hasn’t yet been returned.

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Do you need an easy, cost-effective, simple solution to streamline your business processes? See how FedEx Global Returns can help.

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We’ll help you tap into the marketplace with flexible service choices and extensive intra-Canada and global coverage for both your outbound and return shipments. Whether you’re shipping across town or around the world, we’ll help take your business where it needs to go. Plus, we’ll get it there with the speed you need — from overnight to economy, envelopes to freight, we have a service that is right for you.

More flexibility.
You’ll have the option to create the return label and customs documentation for international shipments at the same time as the outbound shipment, or just for the return trip using one of our electronic shipping solutions. You can also choose to send the label as a hard copy, a PDF/image file, or as an editable online return label.

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To help reduce customs delays and surprise costs, FedEx Global Returns also walks you through key information that brokers and customs officials need, so you can easily prepare customs documentation for international shipments.

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Tips for Return Shippers

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