Printable Version EXPRESSCLEAR® Customs Clearance System

EXPRESSCLEAR® customs clearance is included at no extra charge with FedEx Express® international services and covers routine clearance of shipments containing up to five commodities, with no special handling instructions and/or governmental agency interaction during the clearance process.

Our fully automated EXPRESSCLEAR system provides rapid, accurate processing for clearance of your international shipments before the plane even leaves the ground. The system uses state-of-the-art technology to electronically transmit shipment information to the Canada Border Services Agency, including commercial invoice information, so the processing of a shipment can begin before the package is in the air.

Customs officers inspect packages on-site, so packages approved for release can be sorted and sent out to meet the original delivery deadline. Because of the EXPRESSCLEAR system, over 90% of all commercial shipments are available for the early morning delivery.

Customs clearance is included with every FedEx Express international shipment, but you also have the option to use your own broker with FedEx® International Broker Select.

In addition, FedEx offers value-added ancillary clearance services that can provide you with superior solutions and processing efficiencies by speeding-up clearance time and reducing your delivery time.


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