Be in control with SenseAware powered by FedEx.

To be in control of your supply chain, you need visibility and insight. This is exactly what you’ll get from the latest innovation in sensor-based logistics. With SenseAware, you’ll have the information you need to transform your supply chain—improving quality assurance, logistics security and customer service.

Know more about your shipments than you ever thought possible.

With SenseAware powered by FedEx, you'll have an inside look at your supply chain and the insight you need to make better business decisions. The service combines an advanced multi-sensor device placed inside your shipments with a powerful web-based application. Monitor the environmental conditions of each shipment as it travels along its journey. With SenseAware, you'll have an understanding of your supply chain like never before.

SenseAware with Laptop
Current location – Know exactly where your shipments are.

Accurate temperature – Verify the temperature of sensitive shipments, and receive timely notifications if the temperature leaves a specified range.

Light exposure – Receive alerts of a potential security breach, compromised packaging or shipments opened prematurely.

Relative humidity – Be up-to-date on moisture levels when shipping sensitive materials.

Barometric pressure – Detect changes in the levels of atmospheric pressure.

Control of your supply chain. Control of your bottom line.

Success doesn't happen by accident. With SenseAware, you're in control, which will enable you to improve supply chain efficiency and increase profitability.

Whether you're monitoring data in near real-time or receiving alerts when your shipments experience environmental changes on their journey, SenseAware puts actionable data in your hands. It also allows you to quickly collaborate with partners and other decision makers—saving you valuable time and resources.

A high level of visibility enables you to intervene at the most crucial moments. Notification of shipments that travel off-route or are opened prematurely gives you an extra layer of security. Your ability to stay ahead of the information curve and take control of challenging situations will help you earn confidence from your business partners.

SenseAware can help you analyze your supply chain and gain a deeper understanding of your asset management. Now you can test your packaging, storage and transportation methods to ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

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