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FedEx® Healthcare Solutions

FedEx® Healthcare Solutions

Tracking, Visibility and Monitoring

When you’re working with vital healthcare products, it’s not just about the final delivery. You need to know the status of your shipment from start to finish, inside and out. We provide advanced tracking, monitoring and visibility solutions so you can track the entire journey of your shipment.

Shipment Tracking Solutions


FedEx® Advanced Tracking
When you need to know where your package is, FedEx delivers. Use FedEx Advanced Tracking for an enhanced level of shipment visibility to help you work more efficiently.

You'll save time by eliminating the need to track each package separately. FedEx Advanced Tracking allows you to monitor all of your incoming, outgoing, and third party shipments, receive proactive shipment notifications by e-mail and track without a tracking or reference number.

FedEx Mobile Solutions
FedEx Mobile Web for Smartphones and tablets and the FedEx mobile app for iOS and Android devices provide you with access to advanced tracking functionality that automatically keeps you updated on the status of your shipments.

Simply input your FedEx tracking number, and you can quickly retrieve the status of your shipment. Shipments that you've sent using FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.ca, tracked with FedEx Advanced Tracking or FedEx Desktop can be viewed automatically and managed via your smartphone. We'll even let you know if select delivery exceptions have occurred. 

FedEx Priority Alert™

When you're shipping high-value, high-demand or highly sensitive healthcare products, you want to know someone's looking out for your shipments. Gain an added layer of awareness and security when it matters most.

With FedEx Priority Alert, a dedicated specialist who knows your business will manage your shipment activity and work directly with you to provide accurate, detailed tracking and monitoring information — plus around-the-clock support to help ensure that your critical products arrive as promised.

FedEx Priority Alert Plus includes all the features of FedEx Priority Alert, plus additional options such as dry-ice replenishment, gel-pack exchange and cold storage.

*Contract-only service. A per-package or per-pallet surcharge applies for this service.

SenseAware powered by FedEx™

SenseAware is a first-of-its-kind information service that provides near real-time access to your shipments' vital statistics. The service integrates an advanced multi-sensor device that travels inside your shipments with a powerful web-based application, enabling you to stay connected when contents are critical.

The SenseAware device monitors your shipments':

  • Current location
  • Accurate temperature
  • Exposure to light
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
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FedEx® Electronic Chain of Custody Reporting

When you're shipping controlled goods, the information about your shipment's journey is as important as the shipment itself. You need specialized reporting so you can know who's been handling your shipment from pick-up to delivery.

FedEx® Electronic Chain of Custody Reporting provides end-to-end shipment visibility and information to support your e-ordering and supply chain best practices and procedures for the shipment of controlled goods.*

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* Some exceptions and restrictions apply. Process may vary in/for Extended Service Areas. Contract-only service. Contact your FedEx account executive for more information.

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