Direct Signature Required

Direct Signature Required is a delivery signature option designed to meet the needs of customers who seek extra peace of mind for their shipping transactions.

With Direct Signature Required, you can automatically verify that your FedEx Ground shipments have been delivered. The Direct Signature Required option is available for each package and/or shipment that you specify. The signature and delivery information are stored electronically and sent to you automatically by fax or mail on a schedule that you predetermine – daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. In addition, you have the flexibility to determine how long you want or need to keep electronic delivery signatures on file.

You can use Direct Signature Required for any shipment that requires a signature.

You can choose the Direct Signature Required option for intra-Canada FedEx Ground shipments and FedEx International Ground shipments. If you would like to receive Direct Signature Required reports, please contact your FedEx account executive. Please note that a nominal fee applies for the Direct Signature Required option. When you are ready to use the service, you can get an online rate quote.

For more information, about this delivery signature option call FedEx Customer Service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.