How It Works

FedEx® International DirectDistribution streamlines the process of traditional distribution by creating a single-source, end-to-end solution when importing your products. Reliance on distribution centres can be reduced or bypassed, allowing your supply chain to be optimized.

Traditional distribution vs. FedEx International DirectDistribution — see the difference.


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FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®

For optimum order fulfillment of priority shipments, FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution reduces both delivery time and costs.

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FedEx International DirectDistribution Air Solutions deliver your in-demand products to market faster with the reliability and safety of FedEx.

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FedEx International DirectDistribution Surface Solutions give you an efficient, cost-effective way to transport your goods across Canada, U.S. and Mexico borders.

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FedEx International DirectDistribution Ocean Solutions provide seamless movement of your products with enhanced control and flexibility.

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