Shipping and Delivery Services
FedEx Ground®

Save time and money with our cost-effective ground shipping option.

Service Details
Delivery Times Cost-effective, on-time delivery in 1 to 7 business days.*
Service Days Monday to Friday.
Delivery Area Available to all provinces and territories across Canada.*
Package Size and Weight
  • Up to 150 lbs. (68 kg) each (unlimited total shipment weight).
  • Up to 108" (274 cm) in length, or 165" (419.1cm) in length and girth combined (L+2W+2H).
Additional Information
Value-Added Service Options FedEx® Delivery Signature Options
FedEx Ground COD
FedEx Ground Package Returns Program
FedEx Ground Call Tags
FedEx Ground Alternate Address Pickup
FedEx Global Returns
FedEx Network FedEx Ground

* Some restrictions apply. See the Terms and Conditions for more information.