U.S. FCC Form 740

What is it?
This form provides the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a declaration that imported radio frequency devices meet with FCC guidelines or will be brought into compliance with applicable technical rules.

Why is it needed?
The FCC Form 740 allows the Federal Communications Commission to monitor the importation of radio frequency devices into the U.S. to ensure the devices do not cause harmful interference and comply with FCC guidelines.

When is it needed?
This form must be completed for each radio frequency device, regardless of value, imported into the customs territory of the United States.

A radio-frequency device may be considered to be anything that is electronic, battery-operated, or capable of sending, receiving, or interfering with radio signals. Examples include radio and TV receivers, computers, converters, transmitters, microwave ovens, industrial heaters, and ultrasonic transceivers. For more information on the FCC guidelines, visit the U.S. Federal Communications Commission website.

Where can I find it?

How do I complete it properly?

  • A separate FCC Form 740 must be used for each different radio-frequency device or component in the shipment; however, a form is not required for subassemblies, parts, or components of radio-frequency devices.
  • The form may be completed by the shipper or recipient, but if the form is not sent with the original shipping documents by the shipper, the shipment may be delayed in customs.
  • Ensure all serial and ID numbers are available as well as the name and address of the original manufacturer.
  • Commercial Invoice and air waybill data must match FCC Form 740 form data.

Please Note: The numbered items above represent areas of the form that shippers often have questions about or complete inaccurately or incorrectly. You must complete all required fields on your customs documents.

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