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Critical and Time-Sensitive Solutions

  • Critical and Time-Sensitive Solutions

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All shipments require professional handling and on-time delivery. But some shipments require much more. Whether your aerospace shipment requires expedited delivery, temperature control, increased security or special handling, we create a solution that’s a perfect fit.

FedEx Custom Critical® Services

FedEx Custom Critical delivers extraordinary solutions for out-of-the-ordinary shipments. We specialize in same-day shipping and overnight delivery of critical freight.

Our experts work with you to figure out the optimal shipping solution for your situation by using resources from across the range of FedEx® services. Whether you need a truck, a plane, a specially trained driver or a temperature-controlled environment, we have the resources to make it seamless.

In addition to our expedited ground and air services and special handling services, we provide:

  • On-Board Couriers: We'll hand-carry a critical shipment — the ultimate in security, flexibility and speed.
  • Next Flight Out: We'll find the next aircraft, whether cargo or commercial, that will get your shipment there.
  • Next Drive Out: We'll send your time-critical shipments on a dedicated vehicle.
  • Local Courier Services: We'll book your shipment for local delivery and tendering/retrieving from commercial airlines.
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  • FedEx Custom Critical Services

FedEx Expedited Freight Services®

When you have an important freight shipment, but aren’t sure of the best way to get it there and meet all your requirements for speed, handling or destination, call FedEx Expedited Freight Services at 1.866.274.6115.

Here are just a few situations in which you should call us:

  • When you need freight shipping services that are faster than the standard services you use.
  • When you aren't sure which FedEx solution is the best answer to move your expedited freight.
  • When you have ad hoc, short-term logistics projects requiring multiple modes of shipping.
  • When you need to accelerate or rescue a shipment en route.

We'll take your specific shipping requirements under advisement and let you know what possible options can meet your needs. You then choose which option you consider to be the best for your specific situation.

Receive quotes for and book shipments with multiple networks by calling us at 1.866.274.6115.

FedEx® Charters

FedEx Charters puts you in complete control of your freight shipments. When your freight can't fly on a scheduled service because of its critical timing, large size, special handling requirements or off-route destination, FedEx Charters can meet your need with our large and diverse fleet of aircraft, trained personnel and decades of experience.

FedEx Charters provides service in and out of hundreds of U.S. and international airports, using the world’s largest and best-maintained cargo fleets.

The aircraft, schedule and flight plan are all based on your requirements, and our crews, customized load plans and professional loadmasters ensure that you receive premium service and reliability.
To learn more, read the FAQs and request a quote, go to FedEx Charters.

  • FedEx Charters