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View our Frequently Asked Questions for detailed tracking information support, including street-level mapping for all of your inbound, outbound or third-party shipments. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I tried tracking the status of my shipment, but I couldn't find any information. How do I obtain the tracking information?

FedEx Custom Critical® shipments can be tracked online in two ways; track by PRO number and Detailed Track.

Tracking by PRO number can be done on any home page with the tracking box. This will allow you to see the basic information about a shipment and where it is while in progress. Some shipments, however, cannot be tracked this way and require a login to the Shipping Toolkit.

Detailed Track is the secure tracking method on the Shipping Toolkit that allows you to view more details about the shipment including contact names, locations and charges if you are paying the bill. This is the best method for all customers to track their shipments because you may also track by date range in the event you do not have the tracking number.

How soon can I access an order after I've entered it online or with a customer service agent?

You can begin tracking your shipment as soon as you select "Ship It" or the agent completes the order.

How often is the shipment status information updated?

All vehicles are tracked by satellite, and your shipment status is updated at least once every hour.

Does the online information differ from what I would get by calling 1.800.762.3787?

No, the information is the same whether you call or view shipment details online.

Can anyone else see my shipment information?

Your detailed shipment tracking information is confidential, protected with our secure server and accessed with your user ID and password.

Tracking shipments via PRO number allows anonymous access to limited information. Contact names, company names and shipment charges are hidden. Sensitive shipments are not visible via this method of tracking.

How long is the information available online?

Tracking information and shipping documents are available for up to 90 days.