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Welcome to the FedEx Developer Resource Center. This site makes integration easy with free access to development tools, sample code, documentation, and more. To get started, we need to know a little more about why you’re here.

FedEx Web Services

I plan to develop an application or website that integrates FedEx functionality, hosted by FedEx.

Integrate common FedEx shipping functionality into your website or application, including the ability to locate the best rates, estimate transit times, and track the status of shipments.

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FedEx Ship Manager Server

I have high-volume shipments and want to host FedEx functionality on my system.

You can optimize your shipping processes by integrating FedEx Ship Manager Server into your system and controlling it through your database.

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I plan to sell the application I am developing.

If you are integrating FedEx functionality into an application intended for resale, the integration process differs from applications not being resold. Be sure to follow the process for applications intended for resale by using FedEx Compatible®.

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