FedEx Ship Manager® Server

FedEx Ship Manager® Server

Build supported FedEx functionality into your business systems and software.

Increase your efficiency by integrating FedEx Ship Manager Server into your system. It's your complete source for the documentation and certification you need. 

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Technical System Requirements
To integrate FedEx Ship Manager Server into your system, you will need the following technical system requirements to support FedEx Ship Manager Server software.

Operating Systems

  • Data-Center Server 2018 Standard
  • Windows® Server 2019 Standard
  • Windows® Server 2016 Standard
  • Windows® Server 2012 Standard
  • Windows® Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • Windows® 10 Enterprise



While installing FedEx Ship Manager Server (FSMS) software, the installer verifies if the applicable .Net Framework version is installed on the system. If the valid .Net Framework version is not present, then the installation will be aborted, and an error message "FedEx Ship Manager® Server requires that your system has the .Net Framework version installed. Please install the required .Net Framework then run the Installer. Your system has not been modified." will be displayed and the the installer will be closed. This behavior is applicable for new installs or CD upgrades.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Processor Quad Core Xeon E3 or E processor
  • Memory 8 GB ECC
  • Hard drive 300 GB
  • Dedicated Cores (Virtual machines only) 2 
  • Network adapter 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • Modem Hayes compatible 56k

For additional minimum requirements information, click here.

High-Volume & Performance Hardware

High-volume and performance hardware is recommended for shippers processing between 40K and 100K shipments a day. The hardware is based on the existing warehouse distributed platform with the below noted upgrades.

Processor (minimum):

  • Xeon E7 or Dual E3 or Dual E5 processor (fastest and most cores available)
  • 20 GB ECC


  • Recommended 1TB SSD (solid state)
  • Space determined by shipping needs of client but not less than 1 TB
  • Windows® Server 2012 Standard
  • Windows® Server 2016 Standard



Compatible Hypervisors that FedEx Ship Manager® Server supports (virtualization lets you replicate multiple servers on a single machine, requiring less hardware):

  • VMware ESX 3.5 and greater
  • VMware VSphere 4 and greater
  • Hyper-V

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor XEON E5
  • Memory 12 GB ECC
  • Dedicated Cores(Virtual Machines only) 4 
  • Hard drive SSD (Solid State) Space not less than 1 TB (determined by shipping needs)
  • Ambient temperature 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Network adapter 100/1000 Mbps

Supported Thermal Printers

EPL Printers

  • Zebra 2348 Plus
  • Zebra 2844

ZPL Printers

  • ZM 400 Printers
  • Zebra Z4M Plus
  • Zebra ZP 500
  • Zebra ZP 500 Plus
  • Zebra ZP 505
  • ZT4 10

Supported Dot Matrix Printers

  • Lexmark 2480
  • Lexmark 2580
  • Lexmark 2580 Plus

Supported Laser Printers

  • HP LaserJet P 2015
  • HP LaserJet P 2035
  • HP LaserJet 1160
  • HP LaserJet 1300
  • HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401n

Supported Scales


  • Mettler Toledo PS60
  • Mettler Toledo PS90
  • Mettler Toledo BC 60
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Access Documentation Online or Via PDF
FedEx Ship Manager Server Guides are available online or as PDF downloads. View the FedEx Ship Manager Server Online documentation, or see below to download the appropriate PDF documents.

Release Notes and Other Documentation

Download your copy of FedEx Ship Manager® Server Software

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Before You Get Started

Contact your FedEx account executive to get:

  • A valid FedEx account number
  • FedEx Ship Manager Server software

Once you install FedEx Ship Manager Server software, you are ready to begin coding your application.

Certification Requirements for Corporate Developers

Once you have completed coding your implementation, you must:

  1. Contact your customer integration consultant for a software review. Your customer integration consultant will do some initial tests and ensure that you are ready to move to the FedEx production environment with your implementation.
  2. Provide sample labels to your customer integration consultant for approval. Your customer integration consultant will send sample labels from your implementation to FedEx for tests to ensure that your labels scan correctly.

After your implementation has been approved, you are ready to move to production.

Certification Requirements for Commercial Developers

You must be a member of the FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program in order to distribute FedEx software. The program provides you access to certified third-party solutions with built-in FedEx functionality.

FedEx makes available software with the most recent features and functionality to increase your business revenue with new FedEx® shipping services. Our Software Support Lifecycle model determines which versions of FedEx Ship Manager Server will no longer be distributed, updated, or otherwise maintained or supported by FedEx.

Software Support Lifecycle began in January 2016, giving customers two years to plan upgrades to newer software systems. As new FedEx Ship Manager Server software is released each year, the oldest operating software version(s) will continue to reach the end of their support lifecycle and will no longer be distributed, updated, or otherwise maintained or supported. FedEx may assist a customer in upgrading to a newer version of software.

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