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Welcome to FedEx Office Web Services, your convenient source for integrating FedEx Office® document printing and finishing functionality into your own solutions.

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To make sure your integration follows the correct process, we need to know if the application you are developing is for your company's use, or if you plan to resell it.

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Your Application May Be Resold:

You must be a member of FedEx Compatible® in order to distribute your software.

Services Available Through FedEx Office Web Services

The following services are available. To get started click here.

Office Print Online Service

Get Upload Location
Use this method in your application to get URLs where it can upload a file and launch a session of FedEx Office Print Online to print a document based on that file.


Office Order Service

Create Office Order
Use this method in your application to submit a FedEx Office order.

Rate Office Order
Use this method in your application to obtain pricing information for a FedEx Office order prior to submitting it.

Get Upload Location
Use this method in your application to get a URL where it can upload the content file(s) for the document(s) in the order.


FedEx Office Web Services Announcements

Color ink on Color paper now available through FedEx Office Order Service – February 2016

  • Color ink on Color paper is now available in the FedEx Office Order Service

Go to FedEx Office Web Services in the left navigation and under the documentation tab to find the latest Transaction Guide and the new FedEx Office Order WSDL ready for download, or click here.  For technical assistance, please email

Need more help? Ask your FedEx Office sales executive to initiate a technical consultation request on your behalf. A FedEx Office customer technology consultant will then contact you directly regarding FedEx Office Web Services.

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