Clearance Entry Fees

With FedEx International Ground®, you can take advantage of lower clearance entry fees (CEF)*, which are ancillary fees billed along with duties and taxes when you use the FedEx International Ground brokerage-inclusive option. You have the flexibility to bill the duties and taxes and CEF to the shipper, recipient, or a third party. If the shipper or a third party is not selected, the duties, taxes, and CEF will automatically be billed to the recipient.

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The clearance entry fee covers customs requirements for a shipment to enter another country. When you use the brokerage-inclusive option, FedEx arranges for clearance services, checking the Commercial Invoice, and completing any entry preparation procedures required by either the U.S. or Canada. These procedures can include the calculation of applicable duties and taxes for each type of commodity included in the shipment.

Clearance Entry Fee List Rates and Tiers:

FedEx Customs Value (CAD$)2018 FedEx Ground CEF List Rates






















$6.03 for each additional $1,000

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