Move Your Bottom Line North: Ship to Canada

Here you’ll find valuable tools that’ll help you connect to customers in Canada. Know the cost of shipping before you ship, and save time and money for you and your customers. With these FedEx resources, you can calculate your landed costs before you ship by adding shipping costs, brokerage costs, and duties and taxes.

Below are the four simple steps to follow in order to ship your goods to Canada.

Step 1: Find the Harmonized System code of your product
Step 2: Explore your shipping and brokerage options
Step 3: Estimate duties and taxes
Step 4: Prepare documentation

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Find the Harmonized System code of your product

Search for and determine your correct Harmonized System code, which is used to catalog and describe products for tariff and regulatory purposes. Incorrect Harmonized System codes can cost you time and money by delaying the customs clearance process. Use your FedEx account number with our FedEx® Global Trade Manager to find your Harmonized System code.

Find your correct Harmonized System code

Explore your shipping and brokerage options

Choose what shipping service fits your business. Let FedEx handle your brokerage service, or use your own broker for customs clearance.

Select your shipping and broker options

Estimate duties and taxes

Once you identify the Harmonized System code, determine if your product qualifies for lower duties and taxes under NAFTA.

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In addition, to get duty-free status under the NAFTA Rules of Origin, a commercial NAFTA import larger than CAD $1,600 must be accompanied by a NAFTA Certificate of Origin, while a commercial import CAD $1,600 or less requires only a statement of origin from the exporter that the product originates in a NAFTA country. Canada looks at the product and its component parts to determine whether a sufficient percentage of the value and/or composition of the final product qualifies for NAFTA origin.

Landed costs are calculated by adding shipping costs, brokerage costs, duties, taxes, and insurance. It’s important to know because you can adjust your product or service prices ahead of time, with no surprises after you’ve shipped to your customer.


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Prepare documentation

For Canada cross border shipments, you’ll need to find and complete the Commercial Invoice and NAFTA Certificate of Origin. To see examples and download international documents, go here.

You can automate the document submission process, save time and money, and enjoy greater peace of mind with FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents. Click here to learn more.