FedEx Ship Manager

FedEx Ship Manager Hardware

This powerful hardware solution gives you a full range of shipping functions so you can handle large volumes and automate your entire shipping process. High-volume shippers can improve efficiency, reduce errors and eliminate paperwork using this hardware system provided by FedEx.

FedEx Ship Manager Software Beta Program

Thank you for participating in the FedEx Ship Manager® Software beta testing process for version 2900.

About the program


  • Includes FedEx Ship Manager Software preinstalled on a PC provided by FedEx.
  • Includes report printer and label printer.

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Getting Started

FedEx Ship Manager Hardware is ideal for environments where you ship large volumes from one central location, such as shipping departments and mailrooms. To find out if you quality for a FedEx Ship Manager Hardware solution, contact your FedEx account executive.

Resources and Support

When you need answers, you’ll find them quickly with on-screen help, detailed user guides and our customer service and technical assistance hotlines.

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