Downloading and Installing Adobe Reader

To download and install Adobe® Reader® on your system, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click a portable document format (PDF) file. The Windows screen displays.
  2. Since the Use the Web service to find the appropriate program option is already selected (default), click OK. The system launches Microsoft® Internet Explorer® and displays the Windows File Association screen.

    Note: If the Welcome to GoogleTM Toolbar screen displays, select the appropriate checkboxes and click Ok.

  3. Within the software list on this screen, click Adobe Reader. (Adobe Reader is the first link.) The Adobe Reader download screen displays.
  4. Select your operating system and language and click Continue. The updated screen may display a couple of versions of Adobe Reader but highlights the most current version.
  5. Click Download now. The Adobe Reader Download Notes screen displays.

    Note: If the Information Bar popup displays, click OK.

  6. Click the gold information bar at the top of the browser window (for ActiveX Control) and select Install ActiveX Control from the drop-down menu. The Internet Explorer Security Warning screen displays.
  7. Click Install. The Adobe Download Manager screen displays showing the download and installation progress.

    Note: If the download does not start, click click here to download in the center of the Adobe Reader Download Notes screen.

  8. When the software has downloaded and installed completely, click Close Download Manager.

    Note: Do not click Register Adobe Reader now on the Adobe Reader Download Notes screen.

  9. Close the Adobe Reader Download Notes screen, exit FedEx Ship Manager® Software and restart your system.
  10. Double-click a PDF file. The Adobe Reader License Agreement screen displays.
  11. Click Accept to start using Adobe Reader.