FedEx Temp-Assure Overnight Solutions

FedEx Temperature Control Network

FedEx Temperature Control Network

Expedited and Deferred Services via the FedEx Temperature Control Network

The FedEx temperature control network is a contract-based service providing 15°C to 25°C surface transportation by end of next business day or within 3 - 5 business days or 5°C to 25°C air transportation by end of next business day with extensive coverage across key markets. The network can also meet the needs of Heated Service and Protect from Freeze customers aiming to keep products that freeze at or below 0°C safe.

Trust FedEx for your temperature sensitive shipments.



FedEx reliability of door-to-door service augmented by specialized Healthcare Control Tower team.

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Temperature visibility from pick-up to delivery with customer access to temperature data supporting compliance and product safety.

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Quality and shipment integrity is protected through robust quality assurance processes and dedicated Healthcare Control Tower team.

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Reduce packaging, product spoilage and inventory costs through near-real time temperature tracking and customized excursion notifications and management options.