FedEx Freight driver and a man talking near a FedEx Freight® box.

3 Money-Making Profit Centers

3 Money-Making Profit Centers

You want to make sure to take advantage of all money-generating opportunities available to you through FedEx — especially with the changes to the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® (FASC) rates and tiers that went into effect last November. When you add these to your portfolio of services, customers will associate your pack-and-ship store with quality customer service and easy, no-hassle shipping. This kind of reputation will help you earn more repeat and loyal customers, and a bigger bottom line.

FedEx Bonus Weight Envelope

Customers needing to ship a large quantity of documents (approximately 135 sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper) or lightweight items can take advantage of the great prices you get with the FedEx Bonus Weight Envelope. Plus, you earn a 10% discount off shipments using this option.

As part of your FASC Agreement, your store is automatically qualified to ship items or documents weighing up to 1.5 lbs. in a FedEx® Envelope and pay only the 8-oz. rate. That means your customers can get great cost savings they can’t access anywhere else without having their own prequalified account. No special packaging is needed, and there are no additional charges. It’s an easy way for you to earn money for your store and great savings for your customers.

Any of these services are available for shipping the FedEx Bonus Weight Envelope:1

  • FedEx First Overnight®
  • FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • FedEx Standard Overnight®
  • FedEx International First® (outbound only)
  • FedEx International Priority® (outbound only)

Your customers will also appreciate the maximum declared values for the FedEx Bonus Weight Envelope — up to $500 domestically and $100 internationally. 

For more details, refer to the Program Benefits page on the FASC Network. Order your preferred FedEx Envelope (part numbers 155475 and 155476) today.

1FedEx International First and FedEx International Priority are not eligible for FASC discounts, per the FASC Agreement.


FedEx Freight® Box

For customers needing to ship large items or multiple items to the same address within the U.S., the FedEx Freight box is a convenient option that comes at a flat-rate price.2 Plus, the boxes are easy to assemble and are included in the price of shipping, so you don’t need to build or purchase large boxes and pallets.

Offering a less-than-truckload (LTL) freight service is a great way to stand out among your competition. Some pack-and-ship stores stay away from shipping freight because of the complications of having to weigh and classify the items being shipped. But the FedEx Freight box eliminates the need for both, making it easy to serve your customers in this area.

To get started using the FedEx Freight box, you first need to contact FASC Program Support at 1.800.496.9310, opt. 3. They’ll set you up with a dedicated account number you’ll use specifically for these shipments. Once your account is activated, we’ll place your initial freight box supplies order on your behalf.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Supplies. The FedEx Freight boxes come in two sizes: The standard size is 48" x 40" x 38" (requires a pallet), and the smaller size is 48" x 40" x 28" (includes an integrated pallet). You can order the boxes through FASC Program Support and we’ll deliver them to you within 3–5 business days.
  • Classification code. No classification code is needed for shipments using the FedEx Freight box. This gives your customers greater flexibility. Since the items don’t need to be classified, your customers can consolidate multiple items in one box, saving time and money.
  • Weight of shipment. As long as the total weight of the freight shipment is less than 1,200 lbs. (including the box and pallet), reweight fees are eliminated.
  • Destination. You can use the box for shipping freight within the contiguous U.S.
  • Pricing. The FedEx Freight box ships on a flat rate based on the destination zone, making it easier to feel confident when quoting a price to your customer.

Learn more about the benefits of the FedEx Freight box at Then, when you’re ready to start selling LTL freight services, advertise by decorating your store with the FedEx Freight box mobile. Order one at no cost from the In-Store Signage page of the Marketing Toolbox.

2Flat rates based on zone pricing. Find rates and zone information at Rates are subject to the General Rate Increase (GRI), and all accessorial charges in the FedEx Freight 100 Rules Tariff will apply. Exception: Item 404 (absolute minimum charge) will not apply, as the FedEx Freight box is not discountable. Pricing is subject to the standard FedEx Freight 100 fuel surcharge. Use of the FedEx Freight box will supersede any negotiated pricing. Maximum liability is $7.50 per lb. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico are not covered by FedEx Freight box rates. Hazardous materials are prohibited. Maximum weight allowed for each freight box is 1,200 lbs.


FedEx Home Delivery®

FedEx Ground is likely one of the standard shipping options you offer your customers. But are you aware of the convenient residential delivery options available through FedEx Home Delivery? It’s a service provided through the FedEx Ground network, so your customers benefit with the same fast service at an economical price. Customers especially appreciate the delivery schedule of Monday–Saturday, with evenings available as an option for an additional fee.

It’s easy to see how your customers will benefit. As an FASC participant, you’ll benefit from the discount you get for each shipment. The pricing change from November 2018 calculates your discount using a higher base rate — 25% for packages up to 25 lbs. and 37% for packages 26–151 lbs. — plus your earned discount rate.

To sell FedEx Home Delivery to your customers, you can tell them it’s: 

  • Fast. Shipments within the contiguous U.S. are delivered within 1–5 business days, and to Alaska and Hawaii within 3–7 business days, based on the distance to the destination. To view specific origin-to-destination information for FedEx Home Delivery shipments from your ZIP code, go to
  • Convenient. We deliver Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. And because Saturday is a standard delivery day where available, there's no additional charge.
  • Accommodating. Your customers can specify the day and time range they want their package delivered — even in the evenings or on Saturdays. Visit the FedEx Home Delivery page for details on the convenient delivery options.
  • Reliable. Like FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery is supported by our money-back guarantee.3

Also, let your residential customers know they can take more control of their home deliveries with FedEx Delivery Manager®. It’s free to sign up, and they’ll receive notifications when a package is on its way so they can manage the delivery to fit their schedule.

3For details on the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee, see the Service Guide.