How to ship golf clubs

Preparing and sending golf clubs requires a little planning, whether you’re shipping a single club or an entire set. From choosing the appropriate packaging materials to seeking expert advice from our shipping pros, explore the strategies for efficiently—and cost-effectively—shipping golf clubs and bags. 


Selecting a box

Before picking a box, you’ll need to measure your golf bag. If it has a hard travel case, a corrugated container isn’t required. For an additional fee, you can ship your clubs using this hardened option. You will need to add a tie-on-tag so that a shipping label can be adhered to your clubs.

Otherwise, we have specialty shipping boxes designed for uniquely shaped goods. These options include one larger box produced to hold an entire golf bag and a much narrower tube-style alternative for shipping individual or a small number of clubs without a bag.

Finding packing materials

After settling on the container, we will pick the necessary packing supplies. We will use protective material or inflatable air cushioning to help your clubs remain intact throughout transit.  All the packing assistance  you need can be found using the FedEx Office Pack and Ship service.


Preparing and wrapping your clubs

Often, the tallest clubs receive the most significant wear and tear during transit if not adequately prepared beforehand. Before packaging and sealing the corrugated shipping box, remove the heads from your drivers and fairway woods.

Then, ensuring you mark their position before doing so—put club head covers on, whether you remove the heads or not, to eliminate risks of nicks or dents.

Bundle your club (or clubs) in bubble wrap to prevent jostling during shipping. More bubble wrap on each club can help reduce damage during shipping. Afterward, use packing tape to secure the bubble wrap in place before placing the clubs and bags in the shipping box.  


Packing and protecting

With the clubs themselves taken care of, limit unwanted rattling during shipment by filling voids in the box. One can use several strategies, including adding additional bubble wrap or the more economical inflatable air cushionin or padded paper.

You can also tuck in golf apparel, whether a jacket or otherwise, to remove voids and as a bonus create room in your suitcase. A good rule of thumb to follow is ensuring two inches of cushioning around the bag to limit shifting. And don’t forget to add one or two inches of cushioning at the bottom of the box before you slide the bag inside.


Including a support rod

Because the tallest club in the bag will endure the most force when traveling, consider purchasing an aluminum support rod. This item will come in handy if you’re shipping your golf clubs and bag regularly, there will be a peace of mind about the transport of your clubs throughout the delivery process. With or without a support rod, though, bundle your clubs together since they are stronger collectively.


Sealing the box

Finally, securely close the corrugated container with plastic packing tape. You’ll want to use the H tape method and apply at least three strips of pressure-sensitive tape to the top and bottom of the package. Then, tape all seams or flaps.


Asking a FedEx shipping pro to help package and ship

Simply bring your bag to the most convenient FedEx Office location. One of the onsite shipping pros can take on packing and protecting your clubs while also helping you choose the best shipping method fitting your needs. 


Selecting a shipping service

To keep the cost to ship golf clubs reasonable, consider FedEx Ground® for delivery within 1 to 5 business days anywhere in the U.S. However, expect delivery between 3 to 7 business days if you’re shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

If you’re pressed for time, there’s FedEx SameDay®FedEx 2Day®, and FedEx Standard Overnight.

FedEx account holders have access to at-home pickup for all four levels of shipping speed (FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, FedEx 2Day, and FedEx Standard Overnight). They may also qualify for discounts on heavy shipments. You can estimate your shipping rate as well.

Additionally, for residential deliveries, consider signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager. It’s free for consumers to sign up and can utilize the request to redirect and hold packages, receive tracking alerts, add customized drop-off instructions, and even schedule delivery times. 


FedEx can help make shipping your golf clubs a straightforward process, whether you entrust a shipping pro to tackle the job or undertake the task independently. To learn more, visit the FedEx Learning Center.