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Returns Are Top-of-Mind Right Now

However, returns should be managed year-round. Taking control of your returns process can increase your customer loyalty and help you manage your costs and inventories. Learn more right here.

Multichannel Merchant "How to Best Handle Holiday Returns"

Multichannel Merchant "Remember All Returns Have Value"

FedEx Return Solutions

Ignoring International Orders Because Of Shipping Hassles?

The world is yours. Don’t let unwarranted apprehension get in your way. Take it one step at a time by reviewing the International Trade 101 presentation from the U.S. Commercial Service and FedEx, then select the right first market to help ensure you are successful. Inside you’ll find clues for first-time exporters on choosing markets as well as step-by-step instructions on customs paperwork and a list of resources.

International Trade 101
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What You May Not Know About Packaging

Obviously, you want your customers’ orders to arrive in the same condition they were sent. But, have you thought about how packaging can affect your shipping costs? Dimensional weight is one factor to watch. Many online retailers use a few standard box sizes for shipping all their orders without realizing the impact of dimensional weight on their shipping costs. Instead, you should analyze your typical shipments and determine the right variety of box sizes necessary to protect your products without wasted dimensional weight.

For e-tailers who import their product, it’s important to know that the packaging for palletized or container movement typically doesn’t provide adequate protection for the small parcel system that handles your customers’ orders. Proper packaging should be a consideration upfront versus discovering issues once your orders are out in the marketplace. FedEx can help – find out how at

Below are recommendations for packaging some common sensitive items.


In the electronics business? Check out these great tips for packaging computer shipments to ensure your customer receives their new electronics intact and ready to use.

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Sending macaroons to Maine? Tulips to Texas? Here are some great tips for packaging your perishable shipments to make sure they arrive just as fresh as you sent them.

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Shipping Shouldn't Be An Afterthought

Find out how eBay seller My Shoe Outfitters effectively and efficiently manages their shipping processes using the FedEx residential shipping portfolio of services, including FedEx SmartPost®, and ShipRush.

FedEx Helps Zephyr Sports Provide Exceptional Delivery Service

Zephyr Sports is a Ventura, Calif.-based sporting goods company that specializes in paintball and air-gun gear, clothing, headgear and equipment for enthusiasts. Its continually expanding product line also includes sunglasses, a variety of skateboards and decks, skateboard helmets and shoes, and other sports-related products. With growth came the need for expanded services and support, so CEO Bob Mullaney turned to FedEx for consultation on the optimal selection of shipping services.

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