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Retailing insights, trends and best practices

Build a stronger e-conomy. Learn about e-commerce design, website development and promotion, best practices and more for online retailers of all sizes from industry experts and your peers. Check back regularly for new e-commerce case studies, insights, white papers and trends.

Accepting Online Payments!

Online shoppers in the United States will spend $327 billion in 2016, up 45% from $226 billion in 2012, according to a projection released by Forrester Research Inc. in their report, “U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2011 to 2016”.

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A Talent for Finding Talent

Tim Peterson shares his secrets for building a killer e-commerce team

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Is Free Shipping Right for Your Business?

For many Internet retailers, the question isn't whether to offer free shipping. It's how to do so most profitably.

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Four Steps to Managing Returns

Just a few simple steps can make returns easy, quick, and – just maybe – rare.

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Mastering Social Marketing, Wal-Mart Style

The world's largest retailer is preparing a billion-dollar assault on social media, but it plans on listening, not selling. What can small retailers learn from Wal-Mart's move?

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The Best Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store for Google

Google made news when an executive disclosed plans to push over-optimized websites to the bottom of its prized rankings. As all await the expected changes, here's practical advice for optimizing your business's site so the Great Algorithm in the Sky doesn't ding it.

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Responsive Web Design for Internet Retailers

A new way of designing websites makes it more likely that your site will display accurately no matter whether you're viewing it on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. We talk to one of the leaders of this movement.

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Five Skills You Need on Your Internet Retailing Team

A group of Internet retailers and their customers reveal what members of a great ecommerce site need – and what skills are overrated.

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Attract More Customers and Increase Revenue with Ebay and Amazon Marketplaces

In today's competitive retailing environment, growth depends on cultivating additional online sales channels that bring in more customers and revenue without complicating internal operations. This special report presents the information you need to reach a larger potential customer base, extend your geographic range, build brand awareness, and increase overall revenue through strategic selling on eBay and Amazon.

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Top Three Ways to Boost Online Sales

Do you want to dramatically improve your customer experience, increase sales, improve satisfaction, and create repeat customers? Top 3 Ways to Boost Online Sales will show you how. With this free special report, you'll discover proven tips and best practices you can use to grow your online business. You'll learn how to maximize average order size, reduce cart and site abandonment, give customers the shopping experience they expect, provide the best offers and service to your customers, and much more.

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Cultivating your Web Store

Moving beyond an Amazon Marketplace or eBay presence presents challenges and opportunities. Yet, a small e-tailer's well-designed, easy-to-use website can be just as polished and impressive as that of a big box retailer. Keep in mind that customer experience, from clearly presented and described products to a secure checkout process, will determine whether shoppers make a purchase and whether they'll return. Here are some resources and tips on good web design.

Effective web store copywriting.
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Marketing your Web Store

Whether you have a large or a small budget, you want to make sure that you use your marketing dollars wisely. With so many options to choose from, how do you decide whether emails, online banners, newsletters, press releases, Facebook, search engine optimization or a mix of all of them is the best way to promote your online store? Get some smart marketing tips here.

Branded Content: It's the New Marketing
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Go Social, Get Sales
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Pricing and Processing Shipping

Shipping costs are real. Finding the sweet spot of low shipping charges (including free shipping offers) so your shoppers don't abandon their cart while covering your shipping expenses is tricky. And choosing the most efficient way to process and print your shipping labels can save time and money too. Here are some helpful insights.

Shipping calculation options.
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Out-of-the-box shipping software solutions.
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Going Global

The internet lowers the cost of starting a business and offers the opportunity to sell to the world. Expanding your sales to other countries should be managed carefully – perhaps, one country at a time. Relax – others have expanded internationally successfully and there is help and advice.

Comprehensive manual on global e-commerce from U.S. Commercial Service and FedEx.
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Target Sports USA Hunts Success With Full-Service Help From FedEx

Learn how Target Sports grew from a small online retailer to a category leading retailer using FedEx E-Commerce solutions.

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Quick Ship Brands Puts Growth on the Fast Track With Help From FedEx

Learn how Quick Ship Brands grew from a small eBay seller to a flourishing online retail operation with over $18MM in annual revenue

Read article Jumped on Technology to Dominate the Competition goes high-tech with their custom school apparel e-commerce business and soundly beats the competition.

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How This Sister Act Used a Move to Refocus Their E-Commerce Business

Two sisters move their e-commerce plus-size lingerie business out of Mom's basement and onto Internet Retailer's top 1,000 list.

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Shipping Expertise Helps Replacements, Ltd. Keep Customers Happy

Replacements, Ltd. invests in shipment packaging to replace cherished and heirloom crystal, china and flatware for loyal customers.

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Shipping Efficiency Helps Ozbo Grow in Record Time

Growth is a wonderful thing, unless you're unequipped to handle it. Ozbo, a fast-growing online retailer based in Hazleton, Pa., sells everything from pet supplies to groceries to educational supplies to baby items. In the last two-and-a-half years, the company rapidly won consumers over and now ranks as the 501st largest e-commerce business according to Internet Retailer. It's quite an achievement, but one that meant the company needed to quickly streamline their shipping systems or risk losing customers.

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Systems Integration Gives Hammer Nutrition a Boost

Hammer Nutrition, a Whitefish, Mont.-based company, specializes in products designed to increase athletic performance in endurance athletes. Its all-natural products include energy gels, sports drinks, supplements and energy bars. Six years ago, the two-decade-old company struggled with its burgeoning online retail business. New orders came daily from across the nation, but their current transportation provider wasn't giving the company the service it needed. Hammer Nutrition wanted a carrier that could help it create an efficient, automated way to process shipments and quickly and reliably deliver its orders.

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FedEx SmartPost® Service Helps The Wooden Rainbow Offer Customer-Friendly Shipping Specials

Katie Frederick, president of The Wooden Rainbow, worked as a sales representative for toy companies for 14 years before finally turning her dream into a reality — opening her own toy store. Today, Frederick has three websites for her business: the original online storefront ( as well as storefronts on eBay® and Amazon®. The Wooden Rainbow specializes in unique toys and gifts — baby items, novelties, outdoor toys, and more — that can't typically be found in the big box stores. Frederick's goal is to help each and every customer find something truly special.

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Blue Nile’s internet retailing success story

Find out how Blue Nile, leading jewelry internet retailer, plans to grow globally using free shipping options, along with a combination of fast, on-time delivery, to exceed customer expectations.

OpenSky Marketplace and FedEx

FedEx and OpenSky, a social connection driven marketplace have recently entered into an Alliance relationship. Small and Medium manufacturers/retailers can NOW sell on the fast growing marketplace platform. Find out more about OpenSky by viewing the video.

FedEx customers interested in becoming OpenSky Merchants: Register Here Rising – Video Series

Learn how FedEx supports’s growth needs in this informative video series. The videos will provide you with insights on the special business relationship between FedEx and, Package Lab innovation that decreased product damages by 25% and a zone jump solution that ensures meets their 2 day customer delivery commitment – Package Lab Innovation

Learn how FedEx utilizes the FedEx package lab to decrease product damages by 25%. – 2 Day Commitment

Learn how FedEx developed a solution for to meet their customer’s 2 day delivery commitment expectations.

Unique Vintage

Learn how FedEx helped Unique Vintage grow their business to the next level by making their operation “faster, easier and better”!

Darn Good Yarn

Learn how home based online business Darn Good Yarn has grown their business with the help of FedEx shipping solutions. Darn Good Yarn is a recent FedEx Small Business Grant winner.

Delivering Memories of Germany

Learn how the German Deli grew from shipping a few packages per day to shipping hundreds, by combining their passion for German food with some practical help from FedEx.