Packing Checklist: How FedEx Office Packages Items for Shipping

Packing Checklist: How FedEx Packages Items for Shipping

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This is what we use to expertly pack your shipments.

Securely wrap your items.

The pros at FedEx Office know how to pack your items for shipping in a way that will help ensure everything arrives in the same condition that you sent it in. We are passionate about our service, and we take the responsibility for what we pack very seriously. That is why we only use the best packing materials. Check out what we use to secure your items for shipment so you can send them without worry.

Securely wrap your items.

We start by properly securing your item. Whether it requires sheets of packing paper, bubbles or our expanding foam, our experts are able to use the right supplies to help ensure your item avoids any damage while in transit.

Choose the right box.

A box consists of more than just six sides of cardboard. Size, shape and material are all factors in choosing the right box for your item. It needs to simultaneously allow for cushion and support. It must be sturdy enough to support your item’s weight. We also make sure the box we use is not too large, because not only will that increase your risk of damage, it will increase your shipping cost as well. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right box, and our packing pros are box experts. In fact, if we can’t find the right box for your item, we will make one!

Fill the empty space around your items.

Filling the empty space around your items

Now that your item is securely wrapped and the perfect box has been located and assembled, it is time to fill in the space between your item and the box walls. This provides cushion and security for your item to withstand the bumps in the road that are part of any transit. At FedEx Office, we use a lightweight paper material that keeps your item in a secure position and in good condition. And as part of our EarthSmart® commitment to sustainability, it is also 100% recyclable. For items that need a bit more of a snug, custom fit, we utilize a handy little product that forms a foam shell around your item, molding itself to your item’s shape. It then hardens and you have a sturdy, custom case for your item.

Properly taping your boxes

Properly taping your boxes.

Once everything is in the box securely, it is time to seal it up. Our packing pros use heavy-duty packing tape to make sure that once your box is closed, it stays closed until it arrives at its destination. We always utilize the “H” method, which is where the center and two edge closures are taped to ensure that your box is sealed, safe and secure.

The pros at FedEx Office know how to package for shipping the right way, which means you get more than just your item placed in a box. For one low cost, you get all the materials necessary to keep your item safe, the expertise to pack it and the peace of mind knowing that everything we pack is backed by the FedEx Office® Packing Pledge.

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