Legal Document Return Solutions

Increase your productivity with a fast, simple, reliable and trackable service for executing critical business and legal transactions. FedEx enables the timely delivery and return of documents in the financial, real estate, insurance, legal and other sectors.

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Download the HEART Financial Services case study to see firsthand how the FedEx Print Return Label solution works for this business.

FedEx legal documents return label options

Return Label Options

With FedEx Express, you get the ease, speed, convenience and reliability you need:

  • FedEx Print Return Label: Create and print a FedEx Express linked outbound and return label for U.S. and international shipments and include it in a Legal Size Reusable FedEx® Envelope at the time of shipment. Linking the outbound and return labels means you can conveniently track the status of both shipments with a single tracking number. Go to the FedEx Print Return Label section now. Use FedEx Ship Manager® at or your preferred FedEx® electronic shipping solution to create linked shipping and return labels.
  • FedEx Express® Billable Stamps: Include a FedEx provided, preprinted return label in a Legal Size Reusable FedEx Envelope at the time of shipment. Download the online order form to order FedEx Express Billable Stamps.

With either solution, use our time-definite FedEx Express® services for both outbound and inbound shipping to ensure the speed and reliability both you and your customers require.