Warranty/Repair Return Solutions

Reduce customer downtime, cut spare parts inventory and optimize the efficiency of your field service technicians. When you service and maintain capital equipment and need to ensure your customers' businesses continue to operate smoothly, getting parts or replacement equipment to them quickly, reliably and inexpensively is critical. FedEx makes it possible, while providing you with solutions that enable you to reduce your own costs and maximize the return on your capital investments.

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Download the AECO Sales & Service case study to see firsthand how FedEx® return solutions work for this business.

FedEx warranty and repair return label options

Return Label Options

Our cost-effective and fast FedEx Ground® solutions help you accomplish all your goals:

  • FedEx Print Return Label: Your customer generates the label from your website, or you create, print, and include the label in the original package at the time of shipment. Go to the FedEx Print Return Label section now.
  • FedEx Email Return Label: Upon request, your customer service department sends an email containing a password-protected URL and barcode alternative for the customer to print the label on their own computer or let a FedEx Office location print it for them by showing the barcode on their mobile device at the FedEx counter. Go to the FedEx Email Return Label section now.

Use FedEx Ship Manager® at fedex.com or your preferred FedEx® electronic shipping solution to create and print or email return shipping labels.

With either solution, use cost-effective, timely and reliable FedEx Ground service for both outbound and inbound shipping. The FedEx Print Return Label option is also available for FedEx International Ground® outbound and inbound shipping.

FedEx Express services are available for U.S. or international services when customers need even faster delivery, based on urgency, for critically low inventory or high-value parts. FedEx SmartPost® services are also available for U.S. domestic residential returns with more than 20 average daily return shipments.