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Industry Solutions

Not all shipments are created equal. If you ship pharmaceuticals, airplane parts or other special items, we have services to meet your needs.

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  • special industry solutions for shipping by FedEx


Industry solutions

From distribution services to insulation for pharmaceuticals to enhanced shipment monitoring for aerospace, start here to learn how FedEx® industry solutions can help you succeed.

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Supply chain management

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FedEx Supply Chain: supply chain management solutions

FedEx Supply Chain provides supply chain management solutions, including distribution and order handling services for critical, time-sensitive parts and medical devices through FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®.

Aerospace solutions

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FedEx® Aerospace Solutions: shipping solutions to help build aircraft, maintain them and get them back in the air

Whether you’re shipping a single item overnight to get a plane flying, coordinating the arrival of shipments at an overhaul facility or ensuring a steady supply of parts to a factory, FedEx Aerospace Solutions can meet your needs. With a global network, expedited shipping solutions, customs and regulatory expertise, enhanced shipment monitoring, and robust support, tools and resources, FedEx has the capabilities to help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Learn more at

Healthcare solutions

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FedEx Priority Alert® and FedEx Priority Alert PlusTM: gain an added layer of awareness when it matters most

When you’re shipping critical, temperature-sensitive healthcare products, high-value electronics, mission-critical machine parts, timely aerospace components or confidential records, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipment is being monitored during transit.

With FedEx Priority Alert, global service analysts provide advanced monitoring, notify you in the event of a delay and make every attempt to expedite at-risk shipments. You also benefit from:

  • Priority placement. FedEx Priority Alert shipments receive priority boarding on our aircraft and, where available, priority clearance handling to ensure maximum time for clearance-issue resolution.
  • Global connectivity. FedEx Priority Alert is available in more than 70 countries. Thanks to our extensive global distribution network, your shipments stay with us — from start to finish.
  • Convenience. FedEx Priority Alert shipments don’t require any additional processing beyond what is required for other FedEx® shipments.

Ideal for the healthcare sector, FedEx Priority Alert Plus provides all of the features and benefits of FedEx Priority Alert with additional recovery options such as dry-ice replenishment, gel-pack exchange and cold storage.

For more information, go to

FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution: temperature-control shipping for commodities that need to maintain temperatures of -20 to -150 degrees Celsius during transit for up to 10 days

Choose the FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution to reliably and cost-effectively ship frozen infectious and non-infectious substances around the globe at temperatures of -20 to -150 degrees Celsius, and with hold times of up to 10 days. This turnkey solution allows you to process and manage your shipments online and benefit from our premium monitoring service and timely notifications capability. Plus, it offers several advantages over traditional dry-ice shipping: The shipping container is not considered dangerous goods; shipments are exempt from dry-ice quantity restrictions on aircraft; and there's no need for re-icing. For details, go to and select FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution.

FedEx® Healthcare Shared Network: cold chain (2-8 degrees Celsius) LTL solution with real-time tracking, monitoring and security

Service Details
Service Description

FedEx Healthcare Shared Network provides routine mission logistics utilizing dedicated operators equipped with refrigerated trailers and advanced communications and GPS systems. Healthcare Shared Network moves cold chain (pharmaceutical and other high-value goods) products through strategically placed cross docks, creating optimized transportation efficiencies for its customers.

Delivery Area

Available in 46 U.S. states (not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana and Wyoming) and internationally for customers with U.S.-inbound cold chain needs. These strategically located cross docks allow for 1-2 day delivery in most cases for our U.S. customers.

Additional Information

Trucks and cross docks operate at a 5.2 degrees Celsius set point with a 2-8 degrees Celsius range. Online, real-time temperature monitoring at the shipment level by a command center provides end-to-end visibility, including on-board temperature assurance equipment.

Security infrastructure and personnel include satellite GPS monitoring at cross docks and on trucks, security cameras, fencing, locked cages, and alarms at cross docks, and strict background checks for all personnel. Drivers will have positive identification and are licensed to handle certain hazardous materials transportation. Learn more.

FedEx Network

FedEx Supply Chain

Cold Shipping Package provided by FedEx: Temperature-controlled packaging system

A reliable and cost-effective way to transport temperature-sensitive shipments.1 A one-time-use, lightweight package maintains a constant 2–8 degree Celsius environment that continuously evaporates small quantities of water at low pressure with up to 48 or 96 hours of cooling your products. The reactive technology responds and adjusts to varying ambient temperatures, helping to ensure that your products are protected from external temperature fluctuations throughout the duration of the shipping process.

Cold shipping options include 5 box sizes to choose from:

(in hours)
Payload length
(in inches)
Payload width
(in inches)
Payload depth
(in inches)
(in pounds)
Small Standard Duration
48 8.5 4.7 2.0 3.8
Medium Standard Duration
48 8.5 4.7 3.0 7.5
Large Standard Duration 48 9.5 8.7 5.2 12.1
Medium Extended Duration 96 8.5 4.7 2.7 9.4
Large Extended Duration 96 9.5 8.7 4.8 16.8

Place your order online through a customized, secure FedEx web portal. For details, go to and select Cold Shipping Package provided by FedEx, or contact the cold shipping hotline at 1.888.817.9993.

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials
This packaging may not be used to ship dangerous goods or hazardous materials (including dry ice), with the following exception: it may be used as outer packaging for shipping clinical specimens and/or specimens designated as Biological Substance, Category B (UN 3373) with FedEx Express® (air transportation) services only. All specimens, inner packaging and outer packaging must be prepared, marked, labeled and tested as required by governing regulatory agencies. The shipper assumes sole responsibility for compliance with all applicable governmental regulations. Refer to Packaging Clinical Samples and Packaging UN 3373 Shipments for further information. See terms and conditions governing FedEx Express and FedEx Ground® shipping.

1FedEx disclaims all warranties, express or implied, relating to the performance of the Cold Shipping Package provided by FedEx, and the terms and conditions of the FedEx Service Guide apply to shipments sent using the Cold Shipping Package provided by FedEx.

FedEx® Thermal Blanket Solution: insulation for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other high-value items

FedEx Thermal Blanket Solution is a contract-only solution designed to maintain a room temperature of 15–30 degrees Celsius for freight shipments (minimum of four skids per order). This service provides pickup and final delivery in refrigerated vehicles; thermal blanket cover between our origin and destination stations to reduce temperature excursions; and around-the-clock support with FedEx Custom Critical.

For more information, please contact the FedEx Healthcare Temperature-Controlled Shipping Solutions customer service line at 1.888.370.3971 or your FedEx account executive.

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