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Understanding Status Summaries

A status summary, like the status summary feature available through FedEx Ship Manager, offers a window into the shipping process, documenting the journey from pick-up to drop-off and everything in between. It provides automatic notification of your shipment's progress, so you'll know when delivery has been successful. When delivery problems arise, your status summary will help to fix them.

What to look for:

A status summary contains all your shipping information in one easy-to-read report. With FedEx Ship Manager, you can view:

Delivery information, such as the name and address of the shipper and/or receiver, the ship date, the estimated delivery date, and the shipment's status.

Package details, such as the total weight of the shipment and the number of pieces in a multi-package shipment.

Shipping information, such as the type of shipping service you have chosen and the tracking number.

Scan the status report to make sure all of this information is correct. Pay special attention to the shipment status, as this part of the form will let you know if any problems, such as delays or failed delivery attempts have occurred during shipment.

How to follow up your status summary

Knowing what is wrong with a shipment is the first step to rectifying the problem. The summary provides comprehensive, up-to-date information about every detail of the shipment, so that if problems arise you can deal with them quickly by contacting your shipping service.

Usually the status summary will even advise you of the action that needs to be taken in order to overcome the problem. For instance, if a package is delayed, the reason will appear on the report, along with a recommended course of action. In one case, essential delivery documents may be missing - so they will need to be provided in order for the shipment to resume its course.

The status summary feature through FedEx Ship Manager is an easy way to keep on top of delivery problems and correct them as soon as possible, minimizing the cost of returns. It can also help you track recurring problems so you can identify areas for improvement and streamline your business processes.

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