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Printer-Friendly Door Tags Streamline Delivery and Pickup

You can't always be there in person to receive or drop off your FedEx® shipments. FedEx door tags make shipping and receiving easy when you’re not around.
You have places to go, people to see. When you're expecting a package or you’ve scheduled a pickup, waiting for the driver to arrive at your door isn’t always an option. No problem. For both FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipments, our streamlined door tag system works with your busy schedule, letting you know the next steps if:

We delivered your shipment. Look on your door tag or delivery notice for a checked box and/or handwritten note to see where we placed your package, such as in your garage or with a neighbor.

We were unable to deliver your shipment. We'll explain what you need to do in order to receive your package. We may need your signature or payment first. Check the back of the door tag for more details.

You need to pick up your shipment. You may need to bring your door tag and photo ID to a FedEx location to get your package. We'll indicate the address and business hours on the tag.

Whether or not we picked up your shipment. If we successfully picked up your shipment for delivery, we'll provide tracking info on the back of the tag. If we were unable to pick it up, we'll explain why. It may be due to improper packaging or another easy-to-fix issue.

Door tags 101
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