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Printer-Friendly 6 Can’t-Miss Résumé Tips From a FedEx Recruiter

How can you make your résumé stand out to professional recruiters? We asked Vicki Bell, a professional recruiter for FedEx Office — read on to find out!
As we edge down the road to economic recovery, American small businesses are once again poised to play a huge role in job creation. Many business owners continue to see an influx of résumés. After two decades serving as a human resources professional — including 10 years as a recruiter at FedEx — I can relate. Thousands of résumés have crossed my desk over the years. And despite the many ways in which the Internet has made recruiting and job searching easier for both prospective employees and employers, it still remains a daunting challenge to find that perfect match for an open position.

If one thing hasn’t changed over the years for me, it’s the power of an appealing résumé to rise to the top. People often ask me what I look for in a résumé. Here are my fail-safe tips for helping you look good on paper:
  1. Relevance rules. In today’s tough job market, a blanket approach won’t do. Candidates truly interested in a job will take time to include skills and experience that align with the specific job description.

  2. It’s not a novel. Out of necessity, busy managers tend to scan résumés in a couple of seconds. Short, bulleted sentences that highlight career accomplishments are the résumé reader’s best friend.

  3. Spell-check and then some. Grammatical errors and typos on a résumé will cause hiring managers to question the applicant’s attention to detail. Spell-check software isn’t foolproof. Candidates should print a hard copy and give it an eagle-eye review before submitting.

  4. Bold means business. When used sparingly, a bold font makes the most pertinent details of a résumé stand out. "Sparingly" is the key word here.

  5. Make it screen-friendly. Nowadays, many job applications are initially submitted online, so résumés should be formatted to look good on a computer screen. For job seekers wanting to spruce up their résumés, several templates are available for free on the Web.

  6. Look good on paper. While most hiring managers will review your résumé online, they still expect a hard copy at the interview. FedEx Office can help you get a professional result.

Let us help you get your résumé done right
Now that you know what qualities go into a successful résumé, it’s time to create and distribute your own. Here’s how:
  • Upgrade your résumé’s paper. To truly make an impression, don’t resign yourself to basic printer paper. Your nearest FedEx Office location can help you step up to a premium paper that will help get you noticed.

  • Print multiple résumé copies from any location. Use FedEx OfficeSM Print Online to print and ship your résumé any time, from anywhere. You can even save your résumé for easy re-ordering.

  • Create a professional-looking cover letter. A great-looking résumé needs an equally great-looking cover letter. Create a cover letter on letterhead that’s corner-office ready — just browse our online templates. Plus, you can print your cover letter on premium 70-lb. paper, select matching envelopes at checkout and even get free 7-business-day delivery.
Another way to look good on paper
Don’t forget, FedEx Office can also help you create business cards that can enhance your professional image. Be sure to include the URL for your online résumé so hiring managers can easily reference it.

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