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Packed to Ship: Packaging Services and Solutions

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Tips and techniques

Properly packing your shipments can help you avoid damage and delays. Watch our videos and download our guides for information on how to pack, seal and label your shipments, as well as get specific pointers on packing batteries, computers, clinical samples, biological substances and more.

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  • Packaging tips and techniques
  • Helping get your shipments from point A to B

Helping you get your space shipments from point A to point B.

With the right expert advice and assistance, packing techniques and strategies, and packaging materials, you can pack anything successfully. We’ll help you get your sensitive space assets from point A to point B, whether that’s to the lab or to the launch site itself.

Advice from the experts

Want to be confident your packaging and packing techniques are firing on all cylinders? Ask our pros for help: FedEx Packaging Services provides complimentary design, testing and engineering information services that can help improve your packaging strategies. 

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Temperature-controlled packaging solutions

Maintaining a specific temperature range throughout the shipping process is essential to the quality of many items. You can rest assured we handle it all. We offer a portfolio of refrigerated, frozen and perishable shipping solutions for moving your shipments in a safe, temperature-controlled environment.

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