Driving Home Reliability and Convenience With Ron Ayers Motorsports

After working more than a year to gain the Ron Ayers Motorsports business a FedEx Area Development account executive was finally successful in closing the account. Ron Ayers Motorsports switched to FedEx to take full advantage of a reliable, robust residential portfolio: FedEx Home Delivery® and FedEx SmartPost®.

Just before Ron Ayers launched their newly developed website, RonAyers.com, they asked a competitor to help them find a way to reduce their costs on their low-weight and low-value residential shipments. This competitor offered a solution, but it failed to meet the needs of Ron Ayers. In fact, their proposed solution was going to be very cumbersome to implement and increase costs. While on a joint sales call, the FedEx account executive and her district sales manager were advised of this by the people at Ron Ayers.

After the FedEx team developed a strategy to secure the business from a competitor, Ron Ayer’s FedEx account executive began discussing the benefits of FedEx SmartPost. Ron Ayers realized that FedEx SmartPost could be easily integrated with their new website through FedEx Web Services, and also reduce their costs and improve operational efficiencies.

After awarding the business to FedEx, Ron Ayers worked with a consultant on the FedEx Web Services team to implement the FedEx Web Services tools with their new website and shipping systems. These online shipping solutions allowed Ron Ayers to streamline their shipping process and utilize the new FedEx SmartPost service. Through much FedEx internal collaboration, FedEx was able to help Ron Ayers coordinate their pickup needs with both FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery. Before they began shipping, a FedEx packaging engineer even worked with Ron Ayers to help improve their packaging process.

The robust residential portfolio along with the web services integration allowed Ron Ayers to improve their speed to market with FedEx Home Delivery and reduce their shipping costs with select residential shipments through FedEx SmartPost.

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