Taking Advantage of Greater Rating Functionality With Truth Naturals

Truth Naturals is an online beauty store that is committed to using only natural, organic and plant-derived ingredients to create chemical-free and non-toxic skin care products. So when they decided to upgrade their rating Web Services Developers Language (WSDLs) to support greater functionality, they wanted to take a clear and simple route.

To obtain better rating functionality, they needed to upgrade their shopping cart with the latest version of FedEx Web Services. So, Amy Fisher at Truth Naturals called in development contractor James Cuzella to assist. To-date, Truth Naturals had been using a plug-in for FedEx® rate services. Then James came in and discovered they needed to support some new FedEx rate services which required Truth Naturals to upgrade the WSDL file. The upgrade to a new version went smoothly. James tells us, “All they had to do was get a new WSDL file, compress it and put it into the software installation. To finish, they added extra parameters to the request that would help them support the new functionality.”

Prior to the upgrade, Amy had been a bit frustrated with the rating functionality. It was tough for her team to get a handle on precisely where things were falling through the cracks. She felt like there should have been a more definitive trouble-shooting plan to help identify where the exact problem was originating. But there simply wasn’t anyone familiar with her software to talk her through the process. So she tried the upgrade as a shot in the dark to see if it would fix the problems. And she was pleased to find out that once the upgrade went through, the problems disappeared. Post upgrade, they discovered that using an older version of their software was slowing things down. The upgrade fixed their problems, and things improved from there.

James explains further, “When we upgraded last September, the process only took a couple days. We just needed to figure out the WSDL files. We had to look up the information and documentation on the FedEx Developer Resource Center and that educated us about which parameters to pass through. The upgrade really allowed us as a company to move to a place where the website had more robust functionality. Once we upgraded to a newer software version, the FedEx upgrade piece was really simple. Overall, we found it very easy to do.”

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