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Get resources to help you ship online orders, surpass customer expectations and grow your business.

Get resources to help you ship online orders, surpass customer expectations and grow your business.

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Featured E-Commerce Stories

September 1, 2020: Nothing is more important to an e-commerce customer than the efficient delivery of their package. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce has helped push daily package volume to holiday levels. And during hurricane and winter storm season, extreme weather can complicate or disrupt timely delivery.

Kory Gempler, manager of the FedEx meteorology team, has 22 years of experience helping FedEx handle current weather hurdles and those of the future. The meteorology team plans for severe weather and provides global operations teams with hourly weather updates.

“We can’t stop the weather from happening, but we can work around it. Our team of 15

meteorologists work around the clock to help keep our pilots and drivers safe by providing daily

forecasts and weather updates to our crews.”

Based in Memphis, TN, the team is the largest cargo airline meteorology department in the world. They use weather reports to reroute shipments to avoid hubs experiencing severe weather, proactively managing the network. Administrators, dispatchers and staff are kept up to speed on evolving weather patterns, in the 220 countries and territories where FedEx operates, and can reroute shipments to avoid areas experiencing severe weather and help keep customers’ shipments safe.

“On any given day there may be foggy conditions on the west coast, thunderstorms on the flight arrival into Memphis, a typhoon in Asia, and a hurricane out in the Atlantic. The meteorology team is constantly scanning the globe and passing information along to the crews to safely deviate around the weather,” said Damian Todd, Technical Flight Dispatcher for FedEx Express.

So no matter the time, day, week, or weather event, the FedEx meteorology team is working to keep our team and your packages safe.

Written by: Jason Douglas