Offer store pickup at checkout

When you add FedEx Hold at Location to your e-commerce checkout process, shoppers can choose to pick up their orders at 21,000+ convenient hold locations. You get cost savings on shipping. Shoppers get more convenience.

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What is FedEx Hold at Location?

It’s a service that gives shoppers the option at checkout to have incoming packages held at retail locations for pickup.1 This alternative to home delivery gives shoppers a Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) experience, even if you don't have your own physical storefront. Online shoppers can choose from 21,000+ convenient FedEx hold locations, including retail chains like Walgreens, Dollar General and grocery stores nationwide.

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How does it help me reduce shipping costs for my business?

When your shopper chooses FedEx Hold at Location during checkout in your online store, you don't have to pay a residential delivery charge2 for that shipment. You can use the savings to offset other expenses. Or, you can pass it along to your shoppers as free or discounted shipping.

How can I build FedEx Hold at Location into my shopping cart?

Option 1: Use a third-party shipping platform that already has FedEx Hold at Location integrated.

Option 1: Use a third-party shipping platform that already has FedEx Hold at Location integrated.

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With ShipperHQ, you can offer flexible shipping rates and delivery methods tailored to the way you do business. And you can add Hold at Location to most major e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Zoey. A free ShipperHQ account gives you access to FedEx Hold at Location, so you won't pay additional fees to start saving on shipping.

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Your Shift4Shop e-commerce website comes ready with FedEx Hold at Location.

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Add convenient FedEx Hold at Location options at checkout with Narvar.

Option 2: Get custom FedEx integration within your platform.

Option 2: Get custom FedEx integration within your platform.

If you have a custom e-commerce website, we can add the functionality directly to your site using API integration. Ready to find out more? Speak to your FedEx account executive or visit the FedEx Developer Resource Center.

What are the advantages of FedEx Hold at Location?

Advantages for my shoppers

1. Reduce the risk of package theft with secure pickup locations

2. Protect high-value items

3. Keep holiday gifts or special-occasion shipments a surprise

4. Avoid missed deliveries and re-attempts when a signature is required

5. Keep temperature-sensitive products safe from the weather

Advantages for my business

1. Eliminate residential delivery charges

2. Cut down on product replacements and damage claims from packages left unattended

3. Protect your shipments from theft, damage and weather

4. Reduce customer service “where’s my package?” calls

5. Allow customers to buy online and pick up in store, even if you don’t have a storefront

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1Recipients have up to seven days to pick up hold at location shipments from retail locations.

2FedEx Hold at Location shipments are not charged a residential delivery charge. For more information, see the FedEx Service Guide.