Return Shipping Options for Businesses of All Sizes

FedEx® Return Solutions

FedEx® Return Solutions

Simplify your process to make returns easier
for you and your customers.

Simplify your process to make returns easier
for you and your customers.

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Take Back Loyalty With FedEx® Returns

Ninety-five percent of online shoppers would shop again with a retailer that provided a satisfactory return experience.*

Learn how to create return labels that work for you and your customer.

Provide your customers with convenient return label options.

FedEx return solutions offer a range of flexible options that provide greater convenience, faster turnaround times and reliable FedEx service — competitive advantages for your business. Browse our selection of return label options below, or jump to your choice of label now:

  • Generate linked print labels from your computer.
  • Generate email labels from your computer.
  • Use preprinted labels.

Ideal for warranty/repair services.

Use a FedEx electronic shipping solution to email your customers a password-protected URL and barcode alternative. Your customers can choose to print the return label directly from their computer or present the barcode at a FedEx Office location for a team member to print the return label at the counter.

To use the email return label, your customers simply prepare the package for shipping and print the label, or they can go to a FedEx Office location to have the label printed for them. They then apply the return label and select a shipping option. FedEx Express® or FedEx Ground® packages may be tendered to FedEx by scheduling a pickup, by using a regular scheduled pickup or visiting a FedEx drop-off location. Alternatively, FedEx SmartPost® Returns (for over 20 average daily volume) may be tendered to any USPS access point, including the shipper's mailbox.

More about the email return label:

  • It includes links for scheduling a pickup and finding drop-off locations.
  • You can decide how much time the customer has to print the label.
  • It costs nothing unless it’s used.
  • You can link the email return label with the outbound label for easy shipment-status tracking.
  • You can use the email return label for Saturday delivery, dry-ice service and the FedEx® Hold for Pickup option.
  • You can offer return shippers the convenience of requesting a pickup from their home or business. Alternatively, you can encourage your customers to drop off their package at a staffed FedEx location for greater cost control and speed.

For more information about the FedEx Email Return Label, go to Our Services.

Ideal for legal documentsmedical devices, and diagnostic and testing services.

These shipping labels from FedEx come preprinted with your return address. Because you specify the delivery service in advance, you can use billable stamps to control costs and to manage returns and other inbound FedEx Express® shipments.

More about the billable stamps:

  • You can use standard stamps for deliveries Monday–Friday and expanded stamps for deliveries Monday–Saturday.
  • The stamps cost nothing if not used.
  • To order the stamps, download the online order form.
  • You can use the stamps with the FedEx® Hold for Pickup option.
  • If you have any questions, download the FedEx Express Billable Stamps FAQs.

For more information about FedEx Express Billable Stamps, go to Our Services.

Ideal for warranty/repair and pharmaceuticals.

This is an easy-to-use solution for FedEx Ground® returns in the U.S. and Canada. You can enclose a FedEx provided preprinted return shipping label with the original shipment, or you can send your customers one upon request. When your customers need to return a package to you, they prepare their package for shipping, apply the return label and tender the package to FedEx by scheduling a pickup by using a regular scheduled pickup or visiting a FedEx drop-off location.

More about the program:

  • It’s available for FedEx Ground shipments throughout all 50 states, within Canada and between the U.S. and Canada.
  • It is a contract-only service; you must contact your FedEx account executive to set up an account and place the initial preprinted label order.
  • Existing and approved FedEx Ground Package Returns Program customers may order the preprinted labels by calling 1.800.463.3339.
  • Your return shipper may drop off, use a regular scheduled pickup or request a residential or business pickup. No pickup fee applies, and next-business-day pickups can be scheduled from businesses or residences until 10 p.m. CST.

For more information about the FedEx Ground Package Returns Program, go to Our Services.

How to Create a Label

It’s easy to create linked and stand-alone return labels using FedEx Ship Manager® at

Follow these easy instructions for creating return labels.

Step 1 Create Shipment

Step 1

To get started, click "Create Shipment" under the Ship tab. Log in.

Ship Manager

Step 2

To create a linked outbound and return label, click "Create a Shipment" under the Prepare Shipment tab. 

To create a stand-alone return label, click "Create Return Shipment" under the Prepare Shipment tab. Complete the required shipping information. Go to step 4 to finish completing your shipment.

Package and Shipment Details

Step 3

Enter your recipient information and package and shipment details, then click the box at the bottom that says “Create a return shipment” Choose a FedEx® service. Then click the “Ship” button.

Package and Shipment Details

Step 4

On the Package & Shipment Details area of the screen, you can choose to:

  • Include a print return label with a shipment.
  • Email a return label to your customer.
  • Select a tag option if you want FedEx to create and deliver the return shipping label to your customer.
Billing Details

Step 5

  • In the Billing Details area, enter your Return Material Authorization (RMA) number if applicable.
  • Click the "Ship" button to initiate your shipment and get your assigned tracking number.

To learn about creating labels on other electronic shipping tools, go to the FedEx Service Guide.

If you have questions about FedEx return solutions, go to Customer Support.

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*“Making Returns a Competitive Advantage.” Narvar. Consumer Report. June 2017.