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Entrepreneurs of making it work podcast

Entrepreneurs of making it work podcast
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Connect to our network of small business peers and experts. They understand the big challenges that you face every day. Get ideas and insights on services and tools that can help your business thrive. 

To simplify your search for help, this page contains links to FedEx and external resources and is updated reguarly. Information and resources cover everything from financial relief to operational assistance. 

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What platform do you use? Which tools help your business be more efficient? Get answers to these questions and more  directly from other small businesses facing the same challenges and opportunities as you.

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From small to large, e-commerce businesses share a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Visit the E-Commerce Center to get resources to help you ship online orders, surpass customer expectations and grow your business.

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The 8th annual FedEx Small Business Grant Contest has ended. We awarded more than $250,000 to 12 businesses across the U.S. Learn more about the 2020 winners.


We meet a lot of entrepreneurs on their business journey and have great conversations about what it's really like running a small business. The Making It Work podcast lets you be a fly on the wall while a team of savvy entrepreneurs share techniques and best practices with our small business support team.

Making It Work puts you in a room with people who want to kick out conventional wisdom and take you through the highs and lows of running a company. Meet the entrepreneurs who share their insights.

David Patrick of Shark Wheel
David Patrick of Shark Wheel

David Patrick

Shark Wheel

Serial entrepreneur David Patrick has launched and run several small businesses, the latest being Shark Wheel, a business launched after he invented an entirely new shape for the wheel while engineering wake turbines and rotors. Through investment in research and development, inventive techniques, online selling and successful crowdfunding, David has been able to scale Shark Wheel and create a company that challenges the status quo.

Liz Powers of ArtLifting
Cropped Circle image of Liz Powers

Liz Powers


After securing a grant from Harvard to create art groups in homeless shelters, Powers was inspired to create a digital marketplace for artists to share their creations with the world. Five years after its inception, her mission driven company has expanded to 20 states, enabled homeless or disabled artists to profit, and earned her a spot on Forbes 30 under 30 list of Social Entrepreneurs.

Heidi Hale of HeidiHale Designs and Details
Heidi Hale of HeidiHale Designs and Details

Heidi Hale

HeidiJHale Designs and Details

An expert in inventory planning, Heidi Hale sources materials and stones from all over the world, bringing them to the United States to create beautiful handmade jewelry.

Aqila Augusta of Edge Entity
Aqila Augusta of Edge Entity

Aqila Augusta

Edge Entity

After suffering with hair-loss issues, Augusta created a product to stimulate hair follicles and produce rapid hair growth. As a one-woman team, Augusta personally handmakes all products and ships worldwide.

Jeanne Foley & Diana Ganz of The Groomsman Suit
Jeanne Foley & Diana Ganz of The Groomsman Suit

Jeanna Foley &
Diana Ganz

The Groomsman Suit

Since launching The Groomsman Suit in 2016, Diana and Jeanne have helped build a convenient online store experience that rivals the traditional brick and mortar stores, offering stylish suits for purchase at less than the price of most rentals.

Rahim Diallo of Ginjan Bros, LLC
Rahim Diallo of Ginjan Bros, LLC

Rahim Diallo

Ginjan Bros, LLC

Together with his brother Mohammed, Rahim Diallo launched the Ginjan Bros, a beverage company that offers a unique traditional West African ginger-based drink to U.S. consumers. In addition to his personal experiences as an immigrant, Rahim’s knack for customer service and brand storytelling have helped drive his company’s success.

Brian Munoz of Penny Luck
Brian Munoz of Penny Luck

Brian Munoz

Penny Luck

A driven entrepreneur, Munoz leveraged his network to create and drive Penny Luck to success both online and within their expanding retail locations. Penny Luck is driven by a mission to “spread luck” to their customers and U.S. veterans through a partnership with the Purple Heart Foundation.

Dana Donofree of AnaOno
Dana Donofree of AnaOno

Dana Donofree


After surviving breast cancer, fashion designer Dana Donofree was inspired to launch AnaOno, a global purpose-driven lingerie company serving thousands of individuals affected by breast cancer, mastectomy, breast surgery and chronic pain. Deeply committed to the breast cancer community, Dana’s service to her customers is evident in every fiber of AnaOno, including the brand’s blog.

Danny Catullo of Catullo Prime Meats
Danny Catullo of Catullo Prime Meats

Danny Catullo

Catullo Prime Meats

Owner of Catullo Prime Meats, 3rd generation butcher Danny Catullo took his traditional brick and mortar family business and turned it to a thriving online experience. Danny’s expertise in perishable shipping, digital selling and operational scaling has enabled him to grow his business from a local company to one that successfully ships a high volume of superior quality prime meats across the country.

Tivan Amour of Fortified Bicycle
Tivan Amour of Fortified Bicycle

Tivan Amour

Fortified Bicycle

The ultimate sales guy and serial entrepreneur, Amour created a theft-proof bicycle light and bike for biking enthusiasts. As the business has grown, Amour has perfected the art of balancing investment capital, inventory capital and production schedules to promote business growth and manage cash flows.