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Your Application May Be Resold:

You must be a member of FedEx Compatible® in order to distribute your software.

Get the speed and flexibility your supply chain and e-commerce systems demand, with these full-strength features and benefits:

  • Inbound Visibility: In addition to a variety of tracking options, FedEx Ship Manager Server provides FedEx ShipAlert® notifications of pickups, deliveries and exceptions.
  • Standard Rates: Packages are rated with both discount and standard rates from a single rate request to help you predict shipping costs.
  • Self-contained: All shipping functionality is contained within the FedEx Ship Manager Server application, preventing the need for constant communications with FedEx systems to perform vital shipping functions.
  • Customizable: FedEx Ship Manager Server is a transaction-based application that does not have a predetermined GUI. This allows a customer to develop an interface to meet specific business needs.
  • Flexibility: Allows customization and integration of the user interface with existing business systems, providing ease of use.
  • Scalable Technology: Delivers scalable technology through function-specific software modules and features that can be activated to meet customers’ business and shipping needs.
  • Global Availability: FedEx Ship Manager Server ships to and from any FedEx served origin and destination.

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