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Welcome to FedEx Web Services, your convenient source for developer guides, sample code, certification, production keys, and other information you will need to integrate FedEx into a website or application you’re developing.

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To make sure your integration follows the correct process, we need to know if the application you are developing is for your company's use, or if you plan to resell it.

Your Application Is for Internal Company Use Only:

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Your Application May Be Resold:

You must be a member of FedEx Compatible® in order to distribute your software.

Services Available Through FedEx Web Services

The following services are available. To get started click here.

Standard Services

  • Quote Rates
  • Validate Service Availability
  • Validate Postal Codes
  • Track Shipments
  • Search FedEx Locations

Advanced Services

  • Create Shipments
  • Manage Open Shipping
  • Manage Pickups
  • Upload Electronic Trade Documents & Images
  • Close Shipments
  • DGDS - Upload Dangerous Goods Commodities Data
  • DGLD - Retrieve Dangerous Goods Shipments
  • Validate Addresses
  • Redirect Shipments

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