FedEx Return Manager

A convenient way to manage your return shipments

Do you want to reduce cycle time, customer calls and increase visibility and efficiency? How about the need to automatically track your returns? With FedEx Return Manager®, it's all just a click away! And, best of all, it’s free.

FedEx puts customers in control of returns - driving down costs, improving customer service, and bringing efficiency and certainty to customer business operations.

FedEx Return Manager is available for shipments sent throughout all 50 states for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shippers. Want to learn more? Watch the FedEx Return Manager demo, then contact your FedEx account executive for details

Watch the demo

FedEx Return Manager® gives you the insight and power to manage returns effectively. Using a single Web tool, you can improve the efficiency of your returns-management process, leading to reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Simply log in to this user-friendly, return-centric application to manage all aspects of your return shipments, from scheduling to exception reporting to tracking. It's an ideal solution for e-tailers; manufacturers and distributors; pharmaceutical and medical firms; and the finance and mortgage industries.

Besides providing a simple, convenient, and cost-effective method of having merchandise returned, FedEx Return Manager® offers some of the following features:

  • Initiate returns with the convenience of the Web
  • Receive return-shipment exception notifications (e.g., packages not picked up)
  • Identify trends and forecast with greater accuracy using customized reports
  • Keep orders moving with helpful automation features that provide increased visibility

Use FedEx Return Manager® to electronically schedule and monitor pickup shipments via the Internet, automate and streamline your returns processes, reduce return cycle times, lower administrative costs, and increase customer service levels.