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The FedEx Service Guide is your shipping encyclopedia. It includes all the information you need to ship, track, manage your account and more.

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How to use this guide: Ship, learn and save

The FedEx Service Guide is your resource for FedEx shipping service information and shipping basics. It consists of an overview of FedEx® services; rates and surcharges; and terms and conditions of service. Use it to review all our services, add shipping options, learn how to ship dangerous goods and hazardous materials, prepare your shipment, and access resources after you ship.

You can also connect to related resources, such as how-to videos, articles and discount opportunities. Plus:

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Find information about FedEx shipping services for packages and freight

If you're shipping packages or freight in the U.S. or to international destinations, or if you need to manage return shipments, you can find FedEx shipping service details here.

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Choose shipping options that add value for your business

You can customize delivery with pickup and delivery options, find shipping solutions developed for your industry, and get special handling services for your shipments.

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Learn how to ship dangerous goods and hazardous materials

We have a vast library of resources to help you ship dangerous goods (FedEx Express® shipments) and hazardous materials (FedEx Ground® shipments) securely and efficiently.

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Prepare your shipment with these tools

You can access packing resources for packages or freight, and find information about rates and surcharges. Plus, learn about labels, documentation and locations, from creating shipping documents electronically to the services available at FedEx Office locations.

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Use these resources after you ship

Start here when you need to learn how to track the status of a package, choose account-management tools, or research shipping terms and conditions.

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