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The FedEx Service Guide is your resource for FedEx shipping information. Explore this site through the Service Guide Menu, which lists all the information you need to ship, track, manage your account and more. You can also download the FedEx Service Guide PDF, which gives you an overview of FedEx services, rates, and terms and conditions, all in one handy place.

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  • FedEx courier loading pallets on truck

    Learn About Shipping Dangerous Goods

    Access resources to help you identify and prepare dangerous goods shipments.

  • Courier smiling and holding box in front of FedEx Express vehicle

    Choose Pickup and Delivery Service Options

    Customize your shipment to your needs.

  • Woman with FedEx label and laptop

    Create Labels and Documentation

    Learn how to create labels and complete shipping documents.

  • Large boxes on bakery counter

    Ship a Package

  • person in apron loading small packages into a box

    Get Packing Information

  • FedEx Ground truck driving on winding road amid field of purple flowers

    Review Terms and Conditions

  • Man with package labels sitting at laptop with bowls in front and behind him

    Manage Return Shipments

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