Requesting the Options

Whether you’re creating a shipping label online or using a FedEx® U.S. Airbill or FedEx Ground Order Form, taking advantage of our Hold at FedEx Location options is simple.

FedEx Ship Manager® at

  • In the Special Services section, select Hold at FedEx Location.
  • The address options default to your recipient’s nearest FedEx location.
  • Hover over any address for hours of operation and additional information about that location.
  • You may select a different location from the list, click View more locations or enter a specific address.

FedEx Ship Manager

FedEx Ship Manager® Server

Contact your FedEx® Compatible Solutions Provider for more details on availability.

FedEx Ship Manager® Software version 2500

For software information, go to

FedEx U.S. Airbill & FedEx Ground Order Form

  • Write the recipient’s name and phone number in the Track box on the airbill or order form.
  • In the address section, write the address of the FedEx location where you want the package to be held. Also check the appropriate “hold” box in this section.
  • To find a location, use the Find FedEx Locations tool.
  • For the FedEx US Airbill, also mark the “hold” box in the Special Handling section to select the option.
FedEx Air Bill
FedEx Ground Order Form

Request to Have a FedEx Location Hold Your Package After It Ships

  • To request to have us hold your shipment for pickup at a FedEx location before the first delivery attempt or after you receive a door tag, go to and enter the tracking number in the Track box.
  • Select Hold at FedEx Location and choose an eligible location in your area.
  • Or call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and request a hold at location.

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  • For specific details about our Hold at FedEx Location options, see the current Guide to Services.
  • To find instructions for initiating or requesting a shipment redirect using the Hold at FedEx Location option, go to Requesting the Option.
  • For instructions to help you find a participating Hold at FedEx Location address, go to Finding Locations.