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Support Your Customers

Support Your Customers

Create a Better Experience for Your Customers
with FedEx® Delivery Manager

Give your customers more flexibility and control by offering timely delivery options and notifications.

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Provide multiple delivery options per shipment 

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Offer convenient delivery dates and pickup locations

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Trigger timely email notifications and updates

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Give peace of mind at no extra cost

Returns Considerations

A seamless returns experience can boost customer loyalty, save time and build trust.

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Accessible return policy

Build trust with your customers and avoid any unnecessary friction with a transparent and easy-to-find return policy.

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Include clear timelines

Give your customers the opportunity to plan ahead by clearly outlining the timeframe for returns.

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Convenient return options

Offer your customers the flexibility to choose between in-store or online returns.

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Provide return labels

Make returns easy by providing print or email labels with the original delivery. See how with FedEx® Return Solutions.

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Outline the return process

Educate your customers on the return process with graphic aids or step-by-step instructions.

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Provide ongoing communications

Keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their returns and reduce traffic through customer support channels.  Learn how with FedEx Advanced Tracking.

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Follow-up post return

Enhance the return experience by re-engaging with your customers via email.

Test and Select Proper Packaging

Shipping & Delivery Notifications